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Cryptsy Altcoin Wallets Being Looted Despite Being in "Receivership"
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v3.2.9 launched, supports import of #privatekey and #HD #seedphrase/#mnemonic

wallet #blockchains #Blockchain #blockchaintechnology #bitcointalk #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #CryptocurrencyExchange #crypto @cryptocointalk @bitscanner @BitcoinRTs #news #fintech
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Bitpie New LOGO Launched

Bitpie New LOGO Launched
Bitpie new LOGO has been officially launched on July 1st, 2018. After years of development, Bitpie has now become a wallet that supports the storing and trading of multiple blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC20 tokens. And the full-featured version of EOS will also be opened soon. “Stay true to your original aspiration and keep moving forward” has always been our belief. Come to Bitpie and enjoy diversified services of managing your digital assets.
Originated from Bither team, Bitpie team is made up of blockchain professionals and business experts from IT/ Financial industries around the world.
With strong technical strength on blockchain and years of experience from operating bither wallet, Bitpie is devoted to becoming a service provider of safe asset management and broad blockchain application access to global users. With Bitpie, users can keep their asset 100% self-controllable while trading assets with others or using their assets in more upcoming scenarios.
We attach great importance to asset safety, and have received a good reputation in this respect. Therefore, our bitcoin wallet “Bither” is listed among the wallets recommended by
The world is shifting towards blockchain quickly, but exploring the blockchain world is not easy. We are working hard to make Bitpie as your key to the new world.
Bitpie Team
July 2st, 2018
Find us on
#blockchains #Blockchain #blockchaintechnology #bitcointalk
#cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #CryptocurrencyNews #CryptocurrencyExchange #crypto
@cryptocointalk @bitscanner @BitcoinRTs @Cointelegraph
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Bytecoin general info

Bytecoin [BCN] |
Bytecoin is a next generation cryptocurrency launched July 4, 2012.
It is a fully independent currency which has been developing separately from Bitcoin and its forks. The basis for the creation of Bytecoin was the CryptoNote unique technology |
Top-10 cryptocurrency since 2017
Coin Features
Whitepaper : BCN-Wiki:
Bytecoin Windows Bytecoin Linux Bytecoin Mac Wallet, reference client etc
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Wallpaper of "Game of Thrones" Designed by Bitpie

Wallpaper of
The last stop of “Bitpie In China” Meetup themed on “Game of Thrones” will be held in Beijing on this Saturday (July 7, 2018). We have specially designed a series of exquisite wallpapers based on that topic. Those who are fans of “Game of Thrones”, just take it!
Bitpie Wallet
Born out of Bither, Bitpie Wallet has a team consisted of experts of blockchain technology, IT services and financial industry.
Based on our profound understanding of blockchain technology and rich experience in Bither operations, Bitpie Wallet strives to provide safe assets management and diversified blockchain application services for worldwide users, allowing them 100 percent control of their own assets while enjoying convenient trading and application services.
We attach great importance to safety and have earned a good reputation through our strenuous efforts. It is based on this that Bitpie Wallet-Bither developed by us was listed among the wallets recommended by
The world is stepping up towards blockchain, a world somewhat difficult for us to explore. What we are doing now is trying to build Bitpie Wallet into your key towards this new world.
Bitpie Team
July 6, 2018
Find us on
#blockchains #Blockchain #blockchaintechnology #bitcointalk
#cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #CryptocurrencyNews #CryptocurrencyExchange #crypto
@cryptocointalk @bitscanner @BitcoinRTs @Cointelegraph #GameofThrones
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Dobbscoin Update: HARD FORK at BLOCK 13579 (Current Block ~ 13450)

Thanks to everyone who's been patiently chunking away at 10min blocks, taking anywhere between TWO to EIGHTY Hours.. =) An extra special thanks to x_slacks and EndCiv for implementing the changes in the updated wallet versions. ALOT HAS CHANGED, so FUCK YOU IF YOU ARE NOT IMPRESSED.
WINDOWS, MAC OS/X, & Linux PRECOMPILES: available + Source code.
As you know, DobbsCoin began as a private release COINGEN MESS, which I commissioned as my first computer sciences class project because using BITCOIN source was too fucking boring - and was not meant to be released into the wild. My channel mates had other plans tho.. much to my surprise when I returned from class the day after. For more info on the backstory, please visit - moving on.
It's still Intentionally WORTHLESS..
But come X-Day, if you aren't holding a bag of BOBz - You WILL BE SORRY..
Feel FREE to help yourself out to some FREE SLACK
It's US versus THEM.
Are you gonna FRY in HELL ON EARTH, alongside the PINK BOYS...
Or will you pull the wool over your OWN eyes...
and ACCEPT "BOB" into your mind?
Please come count down the last 140 blocks until the hard fork - and be there when the worm-hole kicks in. It's sure to be a crazy coin-fountain for a while during the initial readjustment from the High Difficulty we've been dealing with for some three months now. With the new code, we hope to return to solid ten minute blocks worth FIFTY BOBS for the next 3.75 years, which puts the block halving in-line for the twentieth X-Day anniversary.
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Earn Gridcoin for your contributions to BOINC/ SETI

So, I recently came across a new type of crypto coin called Gridcoin, which rewards those of us who would rather volunteer our beautiful hardware for science, rather than solving Bitcoin hashes and wasting electricity.
You basically set up the Gridcoin wallet client, which runs parallel to the BOINC client, and it rewards you based on your RAC (recent average credit).
If you have any questions or want any more information, please don't hesitate to ask.
Main site
Happy crunching, and spread the word :D
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The ultimate BottlecapsCoin (Shortcode: "CAP") Thread!

Hey fellow wastelanders!
Since I am a Fallout addict myself and recently got into the digital crypto currency which is inspired by Fallout I decided to open up this thread for dicussions and maybe helping some people to get into this. (Maybe the moderators can pin this thread to get this nice thing the full attention to the wastelanders that haven't noticed the existence of CAP. There's a subreddit for CAP but it's nearly empty, maybe it's a good idea to keep it on Fallout.)


BottlecapsCoin, or short CAP, is the crypto currency made for Fallout fans! It's a 100% digital based currency! You can send and receive BottlecapsCoins with your very own wallet client.


Because it's great fun! And if all war breaks lose, we all have our BottlecapsCoins save!


Easy! Just head over to to get the latest client. It's still in developtment and the developer is active, so it's far from dead. You may notice that it says "Blockchain too old" when you launched it and it has synchronized - don't worry about that, you can ignore this message. I think it may get fixed with the next client release. It also may take a few minutes to start. The wallet client will show your wallet address which is can be used to receive coins. This wallet address is always the same and only you have this address, there is no one out there with the same address! If you delete your wallet.dat file and restart your client you get a new address. But that's not needed because you can generate as much wallet addresses you like with 1 client and use it for sending & receiving. All of them are still stored in your wallet.dat file.


You have many different ways to get your hands on some CAP! 1) You can always mine them "solo" or within a "pool". Solo: You mine with your own GPU and/or CPU power and try your luck to find a so called "block". A block currently contains 10 CAP. If you find one, you get it instantly into your wallet! But you may expect days or weeks when you find nothing and get 0 CAP. This is where pools come into play! You can join a mining pool where many miners throw the power of their computers together to find blocks. If one of them finds one block the amount will be divided and given to all miners. So pool mining is the best choice because you always get CAP coins, no matter if you find a block or not.
2) You can convert some amount that's cool for you of your USD/EUR to CAP on various different exchange websites! You also can convert some other crypto currency into CAP if you have one. (Bitcoin -> CAP or what you like)


The more miners jump into mining these coins, the higher the difficulty to find blocks is getting. The higher the difficulty is getting, the lower will be the rewards you receive. Right now the difficulty is pretty good for newcomers, even those that don't have a big gaming rig with expensive graphics cards. It will jump higher over time, but that doesn't mean the currency is dead! The difficulty also regulates itself. If more miners stop mining this, the difficulty is going down.


This is one of the greatest things with a crypto currency: There is no bank! Everyone that has the client ("wallet") acts as his own bank - isn't that a nice thing? You just need to backup your wallet.dat file which is located in /Username/AppData/Roaming/, there you will find a folder named BottlecapsCoin which holds the wallet.dat file. This file is where your Bottlecaps are sitting. Dropbox or a USB drive is great for a backup. If you lose the wallet file with a harddrive crash, your coins are also gone.


The network itself is secure. You just need to make sure your PC isn't infected with loads of trojans and viruses which may steal your coins. You can also secure your wallet.dat file with a passphrase within the client.


Right now it's too new to have it accepted by stores and stuff. Also (in my opinion) this might be more useful for tipping and buying things from users directly. You are great at creating beautiful custom Fallout wallpaper? Publish your wallet address with a release of your work so people who like it can send you some CAP! You are good at video editing and would love to cut a cool video story together? Don't forget to publish your wallet address!


That's because traders who are in for making profit are speculating on future prices. Right now if someone sneezes the price changes. We will see a more stable price in the future soon, but like all new and great things: It needs time. So be patient. If you like to gamble with the prices or simply hold some CAP overtime for profit, feel free to do so! You have many exchange websites to do this. We all don't know if we might see a new Fallout with official Multiplayer support and new things.


Current thread where the developer stops by every now and then:
Direct link to the latest wallet:
Mining pools:
Exchange websites:
Web casinos:
I hope this thread helps some people that didn't know about this and had some major questions about crypto currencies in general.
If you have questions: Don't think about asking - just ask! Happy to help :)
If you find this thread helpful and would like to tip me some CAP, I am happy for everything! My wallet address is:
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BitSeeds - A Currency That Grows!

Welcome to BitSeeds! A Currency That Grows!
ReThink. RePlant. Renew. Jobs. Infrastructure. Quality of Life. Reforest the planet.
Be the Disruption.
Change the World.
Blockchain Parameters

Proof of Work

Proof of Stake


What Is BitSeeds?

BitSeeds is a hybrid proof of work/proof of stake cryptocurrency network with the stated goal of raising money to assist the Rainforest Foundation ( in its mission of reforesting the planet. For every coin emitted on the BitSeeds network, the Rainforest Foundation and the BitSeeds Foundation has committed to planting one tree. The rate of deforestation is so enormous that in order to restore balance a disruption in traditional fund raising was needed. BitSeeds provides a cryptographic ledger with unique features specifically designed for not-for-profit organizations and driving merchant adoption. Ecosystem development is an ongoing process spearheaded by the BitSeeds Foundation.

What Is The BitSeeds Foundation?

The BitSeeds Foundation is a not-for-profit entity registered in the state of Nevada. More information may be found at the BitSeeds website (

Why Is BitSeeds Important?

Cryptocurrencies are a means to give people hope, and that is the primary use case of BitSeeds. Beyond the stated mission, the BitSeeds Foundation is committed to furthering the partnership of cryptocurrencies and charity and offers its network and support services to any charity that wishes to implement a safe and healthy digital currency into their fundraising efforts.

Why Not Use Another Currency Such As Bitcoin?

While BitSeeds could not exist without Bitcoin technology, the Bitcoin network itself is unsuitable for most charity organizations. The battle to be fought is improve the condition of humanity, not overcoming the faults of the Bitcoin ecosystem. BitSeeds adds ecosystem-specific remittance rails for charitable donations and a blockchain robust enough to accomodate future development. Every commercial transaction conducted within the remittance rail has the value added benefit of a charitable tax deduction, beyond the normal cost savings of crypto-currency adoption. Individuals are then incentivized to hold and stake BitSeeds in personal wallets not simply to support the network, but support the greater mission of the Rainforest Foundation to reforest the planet.

What Makes BitSeeds Different?

While boasting a number of technological advances which make it superior to other currencies, BitSeeds has a real mission to guide its development and growth. The core mission of reforesting the planet always takes precedence over other concerns. Without distractions, the work of the Rainforest Foundation and the BitSeeds Foundation can continue with minimal outside risk.

Why Would Merchants Use BitSeeds?

Merchant adoption is driven through a custom remittance system being developed by ( 1.25% of every transaction processed is sent to the BitSeeds Custody Address. Merchants will be presented with a yearly accounting and requisite paperwork for tax purposes.
Every transaction completed through this process is a charitable tax deduction for the accepting merchant.

Who Made The Coin?

Alternative Markets LLC (, a Nevada corporation

How Do You Plan To Plant 1,000,000,000 Trees?

That's the best part about BitSeeds: all of the necessary experience, expertise, ingenuity, and infrastructure are already there! It's all built and ready. All we need is funding from the public to expand 30+ year old reforestation operations to levels never seen before. BitSeeds will provide jobs, infrastructure, and raise the standards of living for the poorest in the world.
Get involved!
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Virtacoin is on the way to become second cryptocoin along with Bitcoin be accepted use for worldwide payment.

May be you have ever heared about one cryptocoin is Virtacoin (VTA), but i still want to tell you again :
“ VirtaCoin was launched on July 1, 2014 on its official website at by VirtaPay (a former virtual currency and online payment website) in order to give its over 02 millions members access to virtual funds or VP$ that they were accumulating since September 2010. In late December 2013 it was announced by VirtaPay that they would be converting their entire system into a cryptocurrency similarly to the popular Bitcoin, thus 6 months later VirtaCoin was born. For more information on the history of VirtaCoin click here.”
Virtacoin is distributed uniform to all people on the world for 04 years, Virtacoin has not a significant amount of VTA controlled by a small group of owners. Virtacoin will not give rise to the same problems BitCoin is facing : market manipulation and instable prices. Virtacoin will be "People's Coin" should aim for STABILITY and STEADY growth and keep the speculators at bay. VTA communication are growing the VTA market in such a way, that people who buy VirtaCoin can rely on its value to never go down. There are hundreds of 'altcoins' and all other crypto coins are focussed on quick profits through speculation. Virtacoin takes the road less travelled - focussing on growth through mouth-to-mouth promotion. That is a slow process in the beginning but it will pick up pace exponentially as time goes by. THIS IS DIFFERENCE OF VIRTACOIN COMPARE WITH ALL OTHER ALTCOIN.
More specially, Virtacoin has not central developer group (because launch history of Virtacoin), now Virtacoin has over 2.5 MILLIONS OWNERS on the world, this number is LARGER THAN MANY TIME OWNERS AMOUNT OF ANY OTHER ALTCOIN on the market and all member are working hardly to make marketplace VTA, become the coin be accepted to use as currency for payment, spend and buy sell product, commodity, services, etc… like as Bitcoin, THIS IS NO ALTCOIN HAS.
The purpose of Virtacoin communication is develop Virtacoin become second cryptocoin along with Bitcoin be accepted use for wolrdwide payment.
Virtacoin have enough base to success. There are 06 exchangers for VTA:
and buy/sell directly VTA with USD via Paypal, Skrill, Egopay at
I want to suggest to your service use VTA as your payment method like as BTC. Please listen my invitation, Virtacoin has very great potential ! Thanks! If you need more information about Virtacoin, please see at these below link :
Office website:
Online wallet:
Blog about development for VTA :
Projects for Virtacoin:
Game for virtacoin: and
Virtacoin pool: and
Explorer: and
Information about Virtacoin:
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GUIDE: Coin launches and being prepared.

New CryptoCoin launch preperation guide;
I've created this short guide for new users who want to jump in on the mining of a newly launched coins. Being prepared and getting on the network immediately will lead to you finding the earliest blocks (some coins have block rewards that are higher in the beginning)
Step One - Prepare the Data/Wallet directory
The first step in this guide will be to setup the directory that will hold your wallet data, config file and blockchain store. We want to set this up first so we can immediately start solo mining without screwing around with settings that are common across all CryptoCoin wallets.
Windows 7/8; C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Appdata\Roaming\COIN_NAME
Windows XP; C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\Appdata\Roaming\COIN_NAME
Linux; ~/.coinname/
MacOS X - ~/Library/Application Support/
Create a directory in one of the above directories that will match the name of the coin (ie: Bitcoin). In this directory we are going to make the default .conf file;
Default options listed in the COINNAME.conf will be as follows;
Change the rpcport parameter to a generic port # if you plan on only having one batch file to start solo mining. WARNING, this method will interfere with mining if multiple wallets are running using the same port number. If the launch forum post lists default rpcport #s, use them instead of one generic port. (cryptocointalk/bitcointalk).
Pay attention to the original launch information forum post, adding nodes with addnode=ipaddress, can help speed up node discovery and wallet sync. You can add these options fairly quickly with a cut and paste.
If you have multiple rigs and plan to throw their hashes at the wallet if it's not on the same machine, use the .conf option* (eg: rpcallowip=192.168.0.*).
Step Two - Create your .bat file
If you've been mining for awhile, this should be a simple step, otherwise, it is beyond this tutorial on how to fine tune your mining software.
The .bat file should only be a few lines long;
cgminer --scrypt -o -u YOUR_USERNAME -p YOUR_PASSWORD the_rest_of_your_miner_config_here
This is the default for scrypt mining. Always pay attention to the announcement post for specific mining options (CPU only, keccek, scrypt-n, etc).
Change the IP address in -o option to your wallet machines ip address, should be you mining from a different machine. (making sure to set the above rpcallowip= correctly)
note: adding gen=1 to your config file will automatically start the wallets internal block generation routine, by passing the need to start your mining software. Just remember to edit this option later if you run the wallet continually and do no plan to directly mine.
Step Three - Mine!
Download and install/extract wallet, run the wallet. If everything is set correctly, you should be ahead of the game and finding blocks very quickly.
If you've found this post informative, I'm never opposed to receiving gifts of Litecoin :D LXFE81zFSTkzsV1TrRCtdy781F1aiEfYHe
also: If you have any additions to this guide, please PM or comment, so that I may correct any errors I may have included.
edit: formatting.
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How to create Bitcoin wallet Bitcoin FAQ: What is a hardware wallet? How To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Safe! [Best Bitcoin Wallet] How to use a Bitcoin Wallet (EXODUS CRYPTO WALLET) Blockchain Wallet: How To Use A Bitcoin Wallet

CryptocoinTalk; BitcoinTalk; Twitter; Facebook; Bitcoin-sCrypt Coin (BTCS) Peer-to-Peer Digital Money DOWNLOAD WINDOWS WALLET. DOWNLOAD LINUX WALLET. DOWNLOAD MAC WALLET Bitcoin-sCrypt Mentioned on Front Page of Houston Chronicle. Bitcoin-sCrypt mentioned on front page of Sunday print edition of the Houston Chronicle…the third largest De afgelopen dagen heeft Bitcoin een grotere daling ingezet. Daarmee lijken we een (tijdelijke) top te hebben gezien op de grootste asset van de cryptomarkt. Opvallend is dat deze beweging naar beneden een zeer positief effect heeft gehad op de altcoinmarkt. Hoe dat komt en wat we voor de komende dagen kunnen verwachten leggen wij je vandaag uit in onze gloednieuwe Bitcoin analyse! Since Bitcoin-sCrypt’s genesis block, marketing has been purely word-of-mouth, and now the community is excited to finally have a dedicated team to assist with social media marketing, crypto-forum postings (like bitcointalk and cryptocointalk), and to lead exchange listing drives to have Bitcoin-sCrypt listed on more crypto-exchanges. TenX adds LTC to the list of supported coins on their wallet app; Bittrex has reopened their new user registration page. Tether prints another 300 Million USDT; What is Ethereum? Summary of the Phishing and Attempted Stealing Incident on Binance Bitcoin-wallet ZenGo heeft onlangs een kwetsbaarheid bekendgemaakt die in veel crypto-wallets aanwezig is, genaamd “BigSpender”. Dit volgens een publicatie van ZenGo.. Door deze exploit kan een aanvaller een transactie annuleren maar toch het geld in de portemonnee van het slachtoffer laten verschijnen.

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How to create Bitcoin wallet

#CryptoCoinTalk #Cryptonews #CryptoTrading Join our telegram chats! TradingZone (International): Discussion channel (... Best Bitcoin Wallet 2020: Safest Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet? (Better than Ledger & Trezor?) - Duration: 31:00. Crypto Casey Recommended for you. 31:00. Choose your Bitcoin Wallet - An in-depth review of BitcoinQT, Electrum and Multibit - Duration: 27:32. Secure Your Wallet 24,336 views. 27:32. There are so many ways owning a bitcoin wallet can make your life easy , it will help you in your day to day transactions, it will help you save, it will do you a lot of Good , you need it to ... E' possibile crackare un wallet bitcoin? Strettamente parlando... si, dal punto di vista pratico no. A meno che... A meno che non ci sia un errore nella generazione dei numeri pseudo casuali che ...

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