Best Crypto Mining Rigs, Rated and Reviewed for 2020

State of the Bitcoin community.

This may be a long post but I wanted to get a few things off my chest. Some of you may not like what I'm saying but if that's the case at least take the time to discuss it rather than downvoting me. I think that's what communities on Reddit lack - discussion is how we progress and sometimes it feels like all Reddit does is downvote instead of actually talking up.
Firstly - Bitcoin in the media.
It's no big news that Bitcoin was synonymous with Silk Road and the Deep Web for a while. You couldn't have one without the other. This lead to a lot of negative press for Bitcoin itself. I think it was handled quiet well, we showed the majority of people that Bitcoin was useable in a mainstream setting but I don't think we did enough. How often do we see the good features of Bitcoins like:
How often do we see these features? I recently saw a sign in my local shop saying they couldn't accept credit card payments due to high fees. Imagine if they knew about Bitcoin, as long as they have a computer or even access to one they could attract a wider audience.
I think we can do a lot more to give out a clearer message about Bitcoin. I think a lot of the fear comes from the fact that people don't understand it. If we spend more time educating then we can get a more positive image out there.
Secondly - Miners, their profitability and other issues.
Thirdly - exchanges and how they work.
Bitcoin for devs and merchants.
I think a lot of work needs to be done for Bitcoin devs. Unlike other documentation, I found Bitcoin very hard to follow when it comes to dev. I understand the basics of coding and a few languages - not a much but enough to say make a web page or a automated program in C#. Imagine if you had Bitcoin dev dedicated websites like w3schools does for languages (I know w3 schools is a very bad benchmark but whatever). If more people understood how dev works then more people would attempt to get into it.
I think a lot of work needs to be done within the BTC community itself before we even think of making it mainstream. Even if the last price reaches $1000 it's useless if people don't know as much as should do.
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