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How To Recover All The Funds If We Can Just Raise $3.5m

My fellow affected users,
I believe at this point, our hopes from the legal process will see recoveries of 5-10% of the total funds. That's still a lot of recovered money, but it's also meaning that most affected users are still losing 90-95% of their funds. For me, this is my single largest financial loss. Many people on here have lost a lot more money, or are affected in serious ways.
I feel a profound sense of duty to help in any way I can. Below is a detailed process (modified version of my last proposal to fix a number of issues pointed out by other Reddit users) which should provide an opportunity to recover all of the lost funds over time. It can be executed now for $3.5m, and of that at least $2m will go right back to affected users within the first year. We have about $200m at stake here, individual users have lost $50m in some cases. It's hard for me to believe that we as a community couldn't pull together these funds.
All of this could be accomplished by purchasing the exchange assets and managing them ourselves in a specific manner. Here's a budget breakdown:
All of these costs add up to $3m and would be expected to purchase and enable the exchange to operate for one full year (12 months). As some costs may not be fully accounted for or unexpected costs can arise, it is recommended to set the funding target at $3.5m.
Raising this money is no easy task. I only have a few recommendations:
Once the funding is completed, the exchange development process would proceed.
Similar ideas have been tried and worked out successfully:
I feel very strongly in doing everything I can to help this situation achieve the best possible outcome. There is a great opportunity here. If we want to proceed with this, we need to build a team and raise the initial capital. I'm happy to help in any way I can, but I can't do this alone. We need some people to sign onto it who can see the potential and are serious about making it happen.
Thank you very much for reading and your support or feedback of this idea.
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Actual, real crypto investments?

We all know, or at least we SHOULD know, that cryptocurrencies are not an investment. Right?
The trouble is, ever since that famous $7 million bitcoin pizza, the crypto world seems to be divided between the early arrival millionaires, the wannabes, and the predators out to scam them.
And there has been a very, very long list of scammers, hasn't there? Many of the names are well known, especially the ones in jail, or heading there.
Trouble is, like a shark in a shoal of fish, they scared many away, especially the get-rich-quick crowd. Its not easy to watch your money evaporate, and the effect on the community as a whole is crippling, as the departing hordes do more damage to the cryptoconomy than the predators ever did.
Over on /asicgroupbuy, we've had our share of disasters. We had one of our own lose over $7k of our money, and then disappear, in shame or guilt. It doesn't really matter which. We were into GAW's scam, though we got out with a profit. We were gobbled up by Moolah, and most recently by Chris's LTCgear scam. We've reached a point where people are saying there's nothing left to invest in.
While cryptos aren't an investment, there are investments in the cryptosphere. Mining being an obvious one... but as we all know, the days of the small miner are well and truly over. The rewards are simply not enough to cover capital and operating costs. Don't believe me? Try it yourself, but be prepared to lose most or all of what you put in. And of course so-called 'cloud' mining is for the most part a massive con. Sure, they may pay out short term... After all, I paid for my ex-GAW Gridseeds thanks to profits from the Cointellect scam before they soured. But the numbers just don't stack up when you look hard.
And yet, we all know there IS money being made in mining. Mostly by those huge, anonymous chinese mines we've all seen pictures and videos of. Noisy, hot, dank hellholes hidden in the jungle with thousands of screaming ASICs and a couple of guys running around 24/7 keeping them going and sleeping on the floor.
But this kind of thing costs millions, and is way out of our league.

Or is it?

Yesterday, I was in town, picking up a batch of (physical, non-crypto) coins someone brought back from Sydney for me. And it was a glorious day, perfect for a leisurely stroll.
I had been looking at the Bitcoin Group's IPO, after seeing that our new Prime Minister has kicked it off with an OnMarket Bookbuilds launch. I even linked the referral on my Facebook page, not that I expect anyone to ever use it. I read the Prospectus (Note: Specifically NOT available to US citizens) and was thinking of investing. So I thought "Why not drop by their office and pick up a paper copy? Makes the form easier to fill out if I decide to buy shares."
Well, I gotta say I was impressed. I met much of the team, had a long chat with Sam, their CEO, and had all my hard questions answered. Ended up borrowing their WiFi to transfer a couple grand over for a small stake, and will likely increase it before the offer closes.
In a nutshell, they're going to ramp up their existing mines in China and Iceland to around 13% of the total BTC hashrate. The Chinese mines are located in remote areas, adjacent to hydro power stations... apparently these stations can't sell their electricity onto the grid, so they've done really good deals to supply cheap power. Current ASICs are Antminer S5's, with a mix of S5's and the coming S7's making up the 50,000+ miners to be installed. They should be generating around $35 million a year, and although they won't be paying dividends, by reinvesting profits their market cap should increase nicely. At least that's the plan.
This is a real company, very open and inviting. They even host the Melbourne Bitcoin Meetups and have a museum and facilities for public use. Here's a pic of Martin in the museum room which has examples of every miner ever built... an impressive collection of mostly black boxes. ;)

Note that this is not an invitation to invest in this particular company!

Apart from the fact that that would be illegal in the US (although there ARE ways for americans to buy in via proxies), this post is not about one company. Rather it is about the fact that real-world opportunities DO exist, and we shouldn't let the 'Wolves and Weasels' (to borrow GoodShibe's description of them) destroy our faith in the crypto world.

Nor is this about BTC.

While Bitcoin Mining is the current most profitable way to mine, that won't necessarily hold true indefinitely. We spoke at length about next year's halving, and although our opinion on the likely outcome differed, they do have plans in place either way. Sam told me he holds significant amounts of altcoins, including Doge, and is not averse to them. While the focus is now purely on BTC, that isn't necessarily graven in stone.

Stay Active, and Keep Your Eye On The Ball!

There are most definitely legitimate opportunities in the cryptosphere. Whether its Dogecoin or Bitcoin or something else. Whether its a public float of a mining company, a new exchange, or some other business, some very smart people are doing a lot of hard work creating value out there.
But you'll never hear about it if you don't listen. Just like we all found out about that pizza long after it was too late to get aboard, if you don't pay attention, you will be sitting on the sidelines wishing you had known about the next big thing. Sure, /dogecoin isn't what it used to be. Neither are any of the other crypto subs. So what? That just makes them easier to keep an eye on, doesn't it? Stay subscribed. Look in regularly. And read (and maybe even upvote and comment in occasionally) all those posts that aren't about the good old days, or silly dog/pinapple pics.
Maybe that way, THESE will become 'the good old days'. Think about that. :)
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Bitcoin is actually a very hard currency, with the total supply defined and limited within its codebase unlike fiat currencies where governments can increase the money supply at will. Bitcoin’s divisibility is clear with the Satoshi being the smallest unit. At 8 decimal places, the Satoshi is a one hundred millionth of a Bitcoin. If it does get approved, it will not have the same market impact as a straightforward bitcoin ETF, given the fund’s limited exposure and focus on the futures markets. On February 15, 2019, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) refused to issue a prospectus receipt to 3iQ Corp. (the "Manager") for its prospectus for The Bitcoin Fund (the "Fund") The Manager argued that a receipt for the prospectus of the Fund should not be refused, as bitcoin is not an “illiquid asset” as defined in NI 81-102. The Manager noted that its bitcoin sources have reported high daily trading volumes and liquidity expectations. The Manager argued that a receipt for the prospectus of the Fund should not be refused, as bitcoin is not an "illiquid asset" as defined in NI 81-102. The Manager noted that its bitcoin sources have reported high daily trading volumes and liquidity expectations.

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Lecture 8 chapter 4 income tax CA FREE ONLINE

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