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Help 270X 400 Hashrate ?!?!?!

I'm only getting 447561 hastrate in ethminer in a pool! How do I fix this ? Also I converted some bitcoins to my ether account adress and i havent received them yet... I used this site
I'm on windows 10 and I have tried everything. I tried AlethZero and AlethOne aswell as geth.
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Ethereum (cpp) issues. Help appreciated.

This is my first time with Ethereum, and I haven't touched crypto since bitcoin first broke 1 dollar (When I got advice from an accountant telling me that it would never take off)
I have been mining all weekend, and I have ended up with more Eth that I calculated was possible. Fantastic.
At this point my concern is that I have made a mistake somewhere, it seems too good to be true. So I have tried to send another account some eth (this time in Geth) to verify that I haven't stuffed up.
However I cannot get AlethZero or AlethOne to send anything. AlethZero says I don't have enough gas, AlethOne deducts the amount and the trans fee, but nothing ever arrived. Eth.exe throws an error and never lets me enter any commands.
I am taken to believe that eth and geth are not compatible. So it seems that either :
A: I haven't really mined anything, maybe I have accidently configured eth on a test server
B: My tools are crap, and I cannot get the coins out.
I am hoping that there is a third alternative. All help appreciated.
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Ethereum vs Bitcoin  Explained (For Beginners) INSANE ALTCOIN GAINS BUT BITCOIN'S PRICE STUCK!!! REDDIT DOUBLES DOWN ON ETHEREUM  CRYPTO NEWS 2020 Bitcoin Set to Begin $150K Meteoric Bull Run – But Ethereum and Certain Altcoins Will Outperform BTC AlethOne 1.0 Running -Ethereum TOP 5 ALTCOINS ON ETHEREUM READY TO EXPLODE IN 2020 - (Best Crypto Investments?)

Bitcoin ile birlikte kripto sanal para, tamamen online işlem yapılabilecek bir değer taşıma aracı olarak ortaya çıkmıştır. Sonrasında pek çok alternatif kripto sanal para yani… Read more about Akıllı Sözleşmelerin Ötesinde: Ethereum’u en iyi blockchain platformu yapan etmenler? Ethereum is an open blockchain platform similar to Bitcoin but with additional in-built flexibilities. With Ethereum, the blockchain can be considered to be intelligent thanks to the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Smart Contracts. Whereas with Bitcoin its a glorified ledger. With Ethereum you can execute code on the blockchain in a distributed way. Download, discussion, pool settings: Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Bytecoin, Monero, Monero-Classic, DigitalNote, Aeon coin, GRIN I'm trying to do some pool mining using AlethOne, but get the following error: Allocating/mapping single buffer failed with: "clEnqueueWriteBuffer(-4). GPU can't allocate the DAG in a single chunk. AlethOne will allow a lot non technical people to join the network and mine. Ethereum foundation released AlethOne a "one"-click mining program, Will this effect the price? memes, investing, trading, miscellaneous market-related subjects and other relevant technology. Tags: ETH, BTC, Bitcoin, Augur, REP, DGD, ICN, MRK, MKR, GNT, DApp

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Ethereum vs Bitcoin Explained (For Beginners)

Bitcoin and Ethereum bouncing hard, will Ethereum show the way for altcoins? Bitcoin held the crucial support level at $9,000, while Ethereum has started to show some more strength recently. Ethereum vs bitcoin, witch one is better investment ? Bitcoin was created at 2009, it acts as a secure peer-to-peer decentralized payment system. Since every transaction is recorded on a ledger ... Venture Capitalist Predicts Bitcoin Boom to $150K, Says Ethereum and 4 Altcoins Will Outperform BTC - Duration: 21:27. Crypto News Alerts 5,687 views. 21:27. Today in crypto, insane altcoin gains continue, but Bitcoin's price remains stuck as Reddit doubles down on Ethereum! NUMBER ONE CRYPTO DEBIT CARD - $50 FREE CRYPTO CRYPTODOTCOM https://cryptolark ... 06:15 BTC++ Bitcoin on Ethereum? Spreading Your Risk 07:29 USD++ 08:01 Ethereum & Decentralized Hosting 08:39 Tron Funny Business Agaist IPFS 10:30 Outro 📺Watch These Videos Again📺 Stocks ...

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