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Bitcoin24: 2,448,133.72 EUR deposits waiting, fraud investigation ongoing [Links in Thread]

The Bundesanzeiger published a report about Bitcoin24 which says Simon Hausdorf's banking account was frozen due to suspicion of fraudulent behavior. On 17th April 2013 the account balance was 2,448,133.72 EUR. They say every victim has to file a civil claim. It's not sufficient "to register for a cashout".
Heise Online writes: "In the case of the Bitcoin24 bitcoin exchange[1] which is closed at the moment, the Public Prosecution Office of Berlin has seized a bank account of exchange operator Simon Hausdorf. According to a bulletin in the juridical part of the Federal Gazette[2], Hausdorf is being investigated against for alleged fraud; maybe-victims can assert their claims under civil law. Hausdorf is claimed to have attempted to withdraw funds that exchange users had transferred in for trading in order to use them for his own purposes.
Two weeks ago, Bitcoin24 has suspended all operations[3]. At first, users were told that Poland-based accounts belonging to the company had been frozen by local investigators. An order for account seizure (translated from Polish), a search warrant from Berlin authorities for the operator's home and office, a search record and an objection from Bitcoin24's legal counsel were posted on the exchange website. It seems that German authorities have raised investigations in Poland by requesting administrative assistance.
As SZ reported last week[4], a charge with goods and service fraud has been filed with the State Criminal Investigation Agency of Berlin; a bank from Germany is said to have filed a charge as well. Deposits of noticeably high amounts as well as ATM withdrawals of abnormally high amounts raised suspicions at the Bremen-based bank where the account is held.
On monday, a letter[5] from Bitcoin24's attorneys was published where they stated that they were in contact with investigation authorities and bailing out all of their options. They emphasized that frozen funds were safe. All in all, the lawyers assume that exchange operations will resume eventually but they don't know when that would happen.
In a board posting[6] that is believed to be authentic, the operator himself described the charges as "ridiculous" and affirmed that his withdrawals weren't funds belonging to his customers but rather profit from his business. He also said that he had explained to his bank in detail how he would be using his accounts.
A few affected users have set up a help forum[7]. One of the site founders announced[8] that he had filed a charge against Bitcoin24, too. A list of 129 further victims whose claims sum up to € 1 000 000 is said to be sent to the Prosecution Office as well.
It seems that only a court will be able to determine whether this is a case of fraudulent business conduct or just simple dilettantism of the operator (as some assume)."
[5] https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com2329063/BTC24.pdf
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This goes out to everyone, who has funds at Bitcoin-24!

Last day’s events as well as Simon Hausdorf’s statements on reddit let us suppose, that the Bitcoin-24 affairs will take some time until they are solved. Because of that we – victims, who have funds at Bitcoin-24 – decided, to become active and to build up the site We do not want to sit around and wait. We want our money back, and that as soon as possible!
For this purpose we want to collect the victim’s E-Mail-addresses, for sending them combined with a cover letter to the “Deutsche Bank” and the “BZWBK” in Poland. Perhaps this is a way to accelerate things. Furthermore we are greatful for any help you can give us. Jurists, SEO-specialists, writers, translators (english, polish) etc. are very welcome to contact us! Everyone else, who can give current affair’s informations, is welcome as well to write any comments, post links or tips.
Nobody knows, what is really going on at Bitcoin-24. One site believes, that everything is going to be allright, others are pessimistic and think, that their money is already lost. Just one thing is clear: At this moment a huge lawsuit is going on, that seems to take long and of which nobody – Simon concluded – knows, how it will turn out. We want to be prepared and consider the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Bitcoin-24. If we do not see any progresses, are not informed satisfactorily or everything ist just going on too long and we can not receive our funds in the foreseeable future, we will make use of our rights.
Let us do something! We are looking forward to your support! Please visit us on and share this link.
An alle, die ihre Funds bei der Börse Bitcoin-24 liegen haben!
Die Ereignisse der letzten Tagen sowie Simon Hausdorfs Statements auf reddit lassen vermuten, dass sich die ganze Bitcoin-24 Angelegenheit noch einige Zeit hinauszögern wird. Daher haben wir – selbst Betroffene, die Funds bei Bitcoin-24 liegen haben – entschieden, aktiv zu werden und die Seite gemacht. Wir möchten nicht einfach herumsitzen und warten. Wir wollen unser Geld zurück und das möglichst schnell!
Zu diesem Zweck möchten wir die E-Mail-Adressen der Betroffenen sammeln und diese Liste gemeinsam mit einem Anschreiben an die Deutsche Bank und die BZWBK in Polen senden. Vielleicht können wir damit die Dinge etwas beschleunigen. Darüber hinaus sind wir für jede Hilfe dankbar. Juristen, SEO-Fachleute, Texter, Übersetzer (englisch, polnisch) etc. sind herzlich aufgerufen, sich bei uns zu melden! Aber auch alle anderen, die aktuelle Informationen zu den Ereignissen zusammentragen können, dürfen gerne ihre Kommentare, Links und Tipps hier hinterlassen.
Niemand weiß, was bei Bitcoin-24 wirklich los ist. Die einen glauben, dass alles gut geht, die anderen sind pessimistisch und denken, dass ihr Geld schon verloren ist. Eines ist klar: Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt ist ein riesiger Rechtsstreit im Gange, der scheinbar sehr viel Zeit kostet und von dem niemand – Simon eingeschlossen – weiß, wie er ausgeht. Wir möchten uns vorbereiten und die Möglichkeit einer Sammelklage gegen Bitcoin-24 in Erwägung ziehen. Für den Fall, dass wir keine Fortschritte sehen, nicht ausreichend informiert werden, alles einfach zu lange dauert und wir nicht in absehbarer Zeit an unsere Funds gelangen, machen wir von unserem Recht Gebrauch.
Lasst uns gemeinsam etwas unternehmen! Wir freuen und über Eure Unterstützung! Bitte besucht uns auf und verbreitet diesen Link.
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A news alert published at the top of the law firm’s press page added a warning to all Bitcoin-24 customers with gmail addresses: “We have recently become aware several times that our e-mails Avoid! This a big warning to all of you who want to do business with Bitcoin-24 ( and their law office RDP Rechtsanwälte / Röhl, Dehm & Partner ( gentlemen from Bitcoin-24, Mr. Benjamin Schröder and Simon Hausdorf are both involved in a large-scale financial bank fraud and bitcoin scam. Bitcoin-24, the largest bitcoin exchange in Europe, has been offline for the last two weeks after its Polish and German bank accounts were closed.. Simon Hausdorf, the owner of the exchange, is SimonHausdorf has 7 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. Bitcoin-24, the largest bitcoin exchange in Europe, has been offline for the last two weeks after its Polish and German bank accounts were closed.Simon Hausdorf, the owner of the exchange, is currently awaiting legal action from the German prosecutor's office, which has said he is suspected of fraud in connection with bitcoin sales via Bitcoin-24.The exchange's customers began complaining

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