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TD Bank and RBC Shutting Down LocalBitcoin Users

Short story - TD bank knew I used to sell bitcoin via direct deposit of cash into my personal bank account (which I stopped after being told this was against their policy). Now I receive a letter in the mail saying all my accounts new and old are terminated (credit card, mutual funds, rsp, savings, chequings).
Okay so long story...
I am not a software expert by any means. My family is full of programmers, literally..I was just too far of an age gap to be around to get that influence. Despite that I was always into hardware regardless, and when I learned that my graphics card could be used to make "money" I figured why the hell not. I looked up graphics cards that would give me the best hashing power per $$$ and went on kijiji and bought everything I could. I didn't pay for electricity it was included in the rent so I got the parts together and joined up on slush like everyone else and later switching to bitminter,
Anyways I bought bitcoins from whoever I could for cheap. As the price began to rise I sold a lot of coins on, and at that time (~18 months or so) the main form of payment that sellers in canada were accepting were interac e-transfer. I went with them and accepted this as well as Interac website clearly said:
"An Interac e-Transfer transaction cannot be reversed once the recipient of the funds has deposited the transfer. You must obtain a refund directly from the recipient. You can ask the recipient to send you an Interac e-Transfer for the refund amount."
However I eventually fell to fraud as someone claimed that their account was "hacked" and they never sent the transfer. E transfers became disabled for me, and TD reversed the transfer saying they would not compensate the loss. I petitioned and they agreed to provide a one time refund and things were all good. However Interac kept my EMT blocked so I turned to cavirtex for selling my coins. I then saw that some sellers were now accepting "direct deposit", giving account details for a void cheque to make a in-branch deposit.
I had been doing most of my localbitcoin transactions in person but that was much more time consuming and the client base was much smaller. So I switched to direct deposit. I was unloading coins at 10-40% more than what they costed on cavirtex. But next thing I knew, after months of multiple third party deposits and large wire transfers to companies in Sweden (KNC miners) I get a call from the bank to come in and explain. I do and inform them the third party deposits are me selling coins. They say I can't do this and I comply, and things seem okay. Until about a month later, today, I get this letter.
"TD periodically conducts a review of all its customer relationships bla bla bla. As a result of this review, we have determined we can no longer continue to support your current accounts and/or services, or offer you any new accounts and/or services."
I am now going to just store my coins I think, send them directly to cold storage and sell them when the price is high on cavirtex. I think selling online on localbitcoins is dead (at least in Canada). Miners selling coins on localbitcoins will have to turn to only local sales - or some other form of payment like okpay, etc.
In the end I assume that the prices on localbitcoins will be the same as exchanges more or less.
Anyway..if you have a bank account and the bank knows you were/are involved in bitcoins be prepared for your account to get shut down.
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