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[Part - 40] Large college ebooks/eTextbooks thread for cheap rates [$4 to $25]

  1. The Story of Edward Howard and the First American Watch by George Lewis Dyer
  2. "The Tower Clock and How to Make it - A Practical and Theoretical Treatise on the Construction of a Chiming Tower Clock by with Full Working Drawings Photographed to Scale" by E. B. Ferson
  3. A Practical Course in Horology by Harold C. Kelly
  4. Watch and Clock Escapements by Anon
  5. Clocks and Watches by George L. Overton
  6. "The Watchmakers' Lathe - Its use and Abuse - A Study of the Lathe in its Various Forms by Past and Present by its construction and Proper Uses. For the Student and Apprentice" by Ward L. Goodrich
  7. The Art Of Shell Cameo Cutting by J. B. Marsh
  8. Vintage Toy Making and Toy Games for Children by Various
  9. Good Sport seen with some Famous Packs 1885-1910 by Cuthbert Bradley
  10. Fox-Hunting as Recorded by Raed by C. A. Stephens
  11. "Jeweled Bearings for Watches - A Full and Complete Description of the Manufacture by Gauging and Setting of Jeweled Bearings in Timekeeping Instruments" by Charles T. Higginbotham
  12. Time Telling Through the Ages by Harry C. Brearley
  13. Cross Country Reminiscences by Fox Russell
  14. The American Watchmaker and Jeweler - A Full and Comprehensive Exposition of all the Latest and most Approved Secrets of the Trade Embracing Watch and Clock Cleaning and Repairing by J. Parish Stelle
  15. The Ladies' Book of Etiquette by Florence Hartley
  16. Eva Zeisel by Pat Kirkham
  17. Spider Speculations by Jo Carson
  18. Colt by James L. Mitchell
  19. A Book of Marionettes by Helen Haiman Joseph
  20. 50 Famous Firearms You've Got to Own by Rick Hacker
  21. Picker's Pocket Guide - Comic Books by David Tosh
  22. Duesenberg by Dennis Adler
  23. Vintage Wristwatches by Reyne Haines
  24. Watches by Dean Judy
  25. Winchester Pocket Guide by Ned Schwing
  26. Merlin's Mistake by Robert Newman
  27. Hunting Rutting Bucks by John Trout
  28. Magic - The Gathering Cards by Ben Bleiweiss
  29. Miller's Arts & Crafts by Judith Miller
  30. Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values by Richard Allen Mann; Jerry Lee
  31. Hot Wheels Variations by Michael Zarnock
  32. The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell
  33. The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1982-1994 by Mark Bellomo
  34. Just 30s by Angelo Van Boggart
  35. Warman's U.S. Stamps Field Guide by Maurice D. Wozniak
  36. Hunting Whitetails East & West by J. Wayne Fears; Larry Weishuhn
  37. Revolutionary Weapons | Children's Military & War History Books by Baby Professor
  38. The Tracker's Handbook by Len McDougall
  39. Good Hunting by Theodore Roosevelt
  40. Conservation of Marine Archaeological Objects by Colin Pearson
  41. A Picture Book of Bookbindings - Part I: Before 1550 - Victoria & Albert Museum by Anon
  42. "Goulash by Garage Sales and God" by Bernadette McCarver Snyder
  43. The History of Money - Money Book for Children | Children's Growing Up & Facts of Life Books by Baby Professor
  44. The Gold Rush: The Uses and Importance of Gold - Chemistry Book for Kids 9-12 | Children's Chemistry Books by Baby Professor
  45. "HTML5 and CSS3 by Illustrated Complete" by Sasha Vodnik
  46. "Alaska and Yukon Tokens: Private Coins of the Territories by 3d ed." by Ronald J. Benice
  47. The Metal Bible for Kids : Chemistry Book for Kids | Children's Chemistry Books by Baby Professor
  48. Wristwatch Annual 2017 by Peter Braun
  49. Money Lessons and Practicums -Children's Money & Saving Reference by Baby Professor
  50. The Woodcut Artist's Handbook by George A. Walker
  51. "The Phoenician Origin of Britons Scots and Anglo-Saxons - Discovered by Phoenician and Sumerian Inscriptions in Britain by by Preroman Briton Coins and" by L. A. Waddell
  52. The Stamp Finder - Tells at a Glance the Country to Which Any Stamp Belongs and Where to Place It in Your Album - The Collector's Dictionary by Anon
  53. The Gentlemen's Book of Etiquette by Cecil B. Hartley
  54. The Book of Luck by Whitman Publishing Co.
  55. Family Photographs and How to Date Them by Jayne Shrimpton
  56. The Monetary Imagination of Edgar Allan Poe by Heinz Tschachler
  57. 2012 U.S. Coin Digest by David C. Harper
  58. Manuscript Miscellanies in Early Modern England by "Starza Smith by Daniel by Dr"
  59. Vroom! How Does A Car Engine Work for Kids by Baby Professor
  60. Gun Digest 2016 by Jerry Lee
  61. Gun Digest Book of Classic American Combat Rifles by Terry Wieland
  62. 2011 North American Coins and Prices by David C. Harper
  63. 2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Dollars by David C. Harper
  64. Building Art Knife Bolsters by Joe Kertzman
  65. Inventing a Better Mousetrap by Alan Rothschild; Ann Rothschild
  66. 2016 Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901-2000 by George S. Cuhaj
  67. Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards by Sports Collector's Digest
  68. 2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Colonial America by David C. Harper
  69. Warman's 101 Greatest Baby Boomer Toys by Mark Rich
  70. Roaring Back by Curt Sampson
  71. Midget Ninja and Tactical Laxatives by Philip Sidnell
  72. Napoleon's Imperial Guard Uniforms and Equipment. Volume 2 by Paul L Dawson
  73. The Battle of the Berezina by Alexander Mikaberidze
  74. Montbrug by Gitte Tarnow Ingvardson
  75. The Coca-Cola Art of Jim Harrison by Jim Harrison
  76. Fancy Dresses Described by Ardern Holt
  77. Shooter's Bible Guide to Deer Hunting by Peter J. Fiduccia
  78. Deer Rifles and Cartridges by Wayne van Zwoll
  79. "Shooter's Bible by 108th Edition" by Jay Cassell
  80. "Standard Catalog of World Coins by 1801-1900" by George S. Cuhaj
  81. Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles by Brian Alexander
  82. Warman's Dolls Field Guide by Dawn Herlocher
  83. Warman's Comic Book Field Guide by KP Staff
  84. Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money by George S. Cuhaj
  85. 2012 Standard Catalog of World Coins - 1901-2000 by George S. Cuhaj
  86. Antique Trader Guide To Fakes & Reproductions by Mark Chervenka
  87. Encyclopedia of World Political Systems by Derbyshire
  88. European Civil and Military Clothing by Sir Frederic Stibbert
  89. "A Decade of French Fashion by 1929-1938" by Mary Carolyn Waldrep
  90. Shaker Furniture by Edward D. and Faith Andrews
  91. "Medieval Costume by Armour and Weapons" by Eduard Wagner
  92. Driving Horse-Drawn Carriages for Pleasure by Francis T. Underhill
  93. The Story Without an End by Sarah Austin
  94. Neo-Classical Furniture Designs by Thomas King
  95. The Adhesive Postage Stamp by Patrick Chalmers
  96. "American Military Shoulder Arms by Volume II" by George D. Moller
  97. Masterpieces of Women's Costume of the 18th and 19th Centuries by Aline Bernstein
  98. The Gun Digest Book of Sig-Sauer by Massad Ayoob
  99. Lost Arts of the Sportsman by Francis Henry Buzzacott
  100. Handgun Buyer's Guide by Brad Fitzpatrick
  101. Game Birds and Gun Dogs by Vin T. Sparano
  102. Smith & Wesson Hand Guns by Roy C. McHenry; Walter F. Roper
  103. The Ultimate Guide to Black Bear Hunting by Douglas Boze
  104. Classic Hunting Tales by Vin T. Sparano
  105. Guns of the Old West by Charles Edward Chapel
  106. The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told by Vin T. Sparano
  107. The Pipe Book by Alfred Dunhill
  108. Whitetail Tactics by Peter J. Fiduccia
  109. Sure-Fire Whitetail Tactics by John Weiss
  110. The Escape From Elba by Norman MacKenzie
  111. Successful Turkey Hunting by John Higley
  112. The Care of Fine Books by Jane Greenfield
  113. Brick Fairy Tales by John McCann; Monica Sweeney; Becky Thomas
  114. German Fighter Aircraft in World War I by Mark Wilkins
  115. Antiques Roadshow Behind the Scenes by Marsha Bemko
  116. Time Tamed by Nicholas Foulkes
  117. Civil War Legacies IV by Carol Hopkins
  118. Standard Catalog of Ferrari 1947-2003 by Mike Covelllo; Mike Covello
  119. Warman's Vintage Jewelry by Leigh Lesher
  120. Essential Winetasting by Michael Schuster
  121. Crazy Quilts by Betty Fikes Pillsbury
  122. Artifacts of a '90s Kid by Alana Hitchell
  123. Etiquette by Emily Post
  124. Mickey Mantle - Memories and Memorabilia by Larry Canale
  125. Warman's Roseville Pottery by Mark Moran
  126. A Man & His Watch by Matt Hranek
  127. Profitable Coin Collecting by David L Ganz
  128. Modern Commemorative Coins by Eric Jordan
  129. Collecting Art Plastic Jewelry by Leigh Leshner
  130. Warman's Coca-Cola Collectibles by Allen Petretti
  131. Third Reich Collectibles by Chris William
  132. Classic Hunting Collectibles by Hal Boggess
  133. Warman's U.S. Stamps Field Guide by Maurice Wozniak
  134. Baby Boomer Comics by Craig Shutt
  135. Creepy-Ass Dolls by Stacey Brooks
  136. Comic Book Price Guide by Brent Frankenhoff
  137. Standard Catalog of Handguns by Jerry Lee
  138. "Collecting Rocks by Gems and Minerals" by Patti Polk
  139. Duesenberg by Dennis Adler
  140. Vintage Wristwatches by Reyne Haines
  141. The Cartiers by Francesca Cartier Brickell
  142. Miller's Arts & Crafts by Judith Miller
  143. Magic - The Gathering Cards by Ben Bleiweiss
  144. Merlin's Mistake by Robert Newman
  145. Warman's Tools Field Guide by Clarence Blanchard
  146. The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe 1982-1994 by Mark Bellomo
  147. Hugh Johnson on Wine by Hugh Johnson
  148. Pakistan: In-Between Extremism and Peace by Mohammad Ali Babakhel
  149. Hunting Rutting Bucks by John Trout
  150. Standard Catalog of U.S. Military Vehicles - 2nd Edition by David Doyle
  151. Fantastic Finds by Eric Bradley
  152. Viva la Pizza! by Scott Wiener
  153. Finding Wounded Deer by John Trout
  154. Stacked Decks by The Rotenberg Collection
  155. Hunting Rutting Bucks by John Trout
  156. Pokemon Cards by Ryan Majeske
  157. Carriage Terminology by Don H. Berkebile
  158. Every Stamp Tells a Story by Cheryl Ganz
  159. The Ultimate Cigar Book by Richard Carleton Hacker
  160. The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping by Melody Fortier
  161. The GH Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo Stamps by Thomas Lera; Leon Finik
  162. Finders Keepers by Craig Childs
  163. Vintage Fashion Accessories by Stacy Loalbo
  164. Harry Potter Collector's Handbook by William Silvester
  165. Standard Catalog of World Paper Money - Modern Issues by George S. Cuhaj
  166. To Have and to Hold by Philipp Blom
  167. Coin Clinic 2 by Alan Herbert
  168. Collecting Victorian Jewelry by Jeanenne Bell
  169. Totally Tubular '80s Toys by Mark Bellomo
  170. Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money by John Schwartz; Scott Lindquist
  171. Warman's John Deere Collectibles by David Doyle
  172. One Coin is Never Enough by Michael S. Shutty
  173. Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles 2012 Price Guide by Eric Bradley
  174. Antique Trader Oriental Antiques & Art by Mark Moran
  175. Warman's Fiesta Ware by Mark Moran
  176. French Tanks of the Great War by Tim Gale
  177. Funny Face! by Rich
  178. Vintage House Book: 100 Years of Classic American Homes 1880-1980 by Tad Burness
  179. The Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Shotgun by Scott W. Wagner
  180. Just Chevys by Brian Earnest
  181. A Parent's Guide to the Best Kids' Comics by Scott Robins; Snow Wildsmith
  182. Warman's PEZ Field Guide by Shawn Peterson
  183. Only Originals by Brian Earnest
  184. Route 66 Lost & Found by Russell A Olsen
  185. Answers To Questions About Old Jewelry by C. Jeanenne Bell
  186. Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money by George S. Cuhaj
  187. The Essential Guide to Investing in Precious Metals by David L Ganz
  188. Paul Martin: My World Of Antiques by Paul Martin
  189. "Shooter's Bible by 110th Edition" by Jay Cassell
  190. Warman's Depression Glass by Ellen Schroy
  191. "U.S. Coins & Currency by Warman's Companion" by Allen G. Berman
  192. Picker's Pocket Guide - Signs by Eric Bradley
  193. CO2 Pistols & Rifles by James House
  194. The Instant Coin Collector by Arlyn Sieber
  195. Picker's Pocket Guide - Star Wars Toys by Mark Bellomo
  196. Antique Trader Perfume Bottles Price Guide by Kyle Husfloen; Penny Dolnick
  197. Marilyn Monroe: Cover to Cover by Kidder
  198. Gunsmithing: Shotguns by Patrick Sweeney
  199. Lost and Found by the Publisher of Old Cars Weekly
  200. Collectible '70s by Goldberg
  201. Warman's Vintage Jewelry by Leigh Lesher
  202. Horror Movie Freak by Don Sumner
  203. Warman's Red Wing Pottery by Mark Moran
  204. Comics Shop by Maggie Thompson
  205. "Hitlers Heavy Panzers by 1943–1945" by Ian Baxter
  206. Redlegs by John P. Langellier
  207. What We Keep by Bill Shapiro; Naomi Wax
  208. Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt
  209. Book of Glock by Robert A. Sadowski
  210. Modern Commemorative Coins by Eric Jordan
  211. Collecting Art Plastic Jewelry by Leigh Leshner
  212. "Standard Catalog of Ford by 1903-2002" by John Gunnell
  213. Warman's Coca-Cola Collectibles by Allen Petretti
  214. Petersen's Hunting Guide to Big Game by Petersen's Hunting
  215. "Panic Scrip of 1893 by 1907 and 1914" by Neil Shafer; Tom Sheehan
  216. "Standard Catalog of Chevrolet by 1912-2003" by John Gunnell
  217. Warman's Buttons Field Guide by Jill Gorski
  218. The Ultimate Guide to Collectible LEGO Sets by Ed Maciorowski; Jeff Maciorowski
  219. Warman's Vintage Quilts by Maggi Mccormick Gordon
  220. Warman's Barbie Doll Field Guide by Sharon Verbeten
  221. Classic Hunting Collectibles by Hal Boggess
  222. Standard Catalog of Handguns by Jerry Lee
  223. "Collecting Rocks by Gems and Minerals" by Patti Polk
  224. Creepy-Ass Dolls by Stacey Brooks
  225. Comic Book Price Guide by Brent Frankenhoff
  226. Picker's Pocket Guide - Toys by Eric Bradley
  227. A Prepper's Guide to Shotguns by Robert K. Campbell
  228. The Edgemaster's Handbook by Len McDougall
  229. U.S. Coins Close Up by Robert R. VanRyzin
  230. Warman's Coins & Paper Money by Arlyn G. Sieber
  231. Just '50s by Brian Earnest
  232. Hot Wheels Spectraflame by Edward Wershbale
  233. Transformers by Mark Bellomo
  234. Gun Digest Winchester 69 Assembly/Disassembly Instructions by Kevin Muramatsu
  235. "1 by 000 Comic Books You Must Read" by Tony Isabella
  236. Gun Digest’s Double Action Trigger Concealed Carry eShort by Grant Cunningham
  237. Gun Digest 2014 by Jerry Lee
  238. Cars We Love by Brian Earnest
  239. Unlocking the Prehistory of America by Frank Joseph
  240. Creepy-Ass Dolls by Stacey Brooks
  241. Jewels on Queen by Anne Schofield
  242. Crime and the Art Market by Riah Pryor
  243. Collecting China: The Memoirs of a Hong Kong Art Addict by Brian McElney
  244. "Using Natural Finishes: Lime and Earth Based Plasters by Renders & Paints" by Adam Weismann
  245. Crime and the Art Market by Riah Pryor
  246. Art Crime and its Prevention by Arthur Tompkins; Noah Charney
  247. Warman's Vintage Guitars Field Guide by Dave Rogers
  248. Universe of Star Wars Collectibles by Stuart W. Wells III
  249. Warman's Farm Toys Field Guide by Karen O'Brien
  250. Warman's Majolica by Mark F. Moran
  251. 2012 U.S. Coin Digest: Dimes by David C. Harper
  252. Warman's Depression Glass Field Guide by Ellen T. Schroy
  253. Warman's Cookie Jars Identification and Price Guide by Mark Moran
  254. Warman's Companion Collectible Dolls by Dawn Herlocher
  255. 2016 Standard Catalog of Firearms by Jerry Lee
  256. 2012 North American Coins & Prices by David C. Harper
  257. Warman's Collectible Dolls: Antique to Modern by Mark Moran
  258. Bolt Action Rifles by Wayne Zwoll
  259. Liquidating an Estate by Martin Codina
  260. Warman's World War II Collectibles by John Adams-Graf
  261. "Dames by Dolls and Delinquents" by Gary Lovisi
  262. Postcard Collector by Barbara Andrews
  263. Answers To Questions About Old Jewelry by C. Jeanenne Bell
  264. Gunsmithing: Shotguns by Patrick Sweeney
  265. The Business of Antiques by Wayne Jordan
  266. Old Car Auction Bible by Brian Earnest
  267. Modern Commemorative Coins by Eric Jordan
  268. Collecting Art Plastic Jewelry by Leigh Leshner
  269. "Standard Catalog of Ford by 1903-2002" by John Gunnell
  270. Profitable Coin Collecting by David L Ganz
  271. Uncovered by Ian Birch
  272. Unusual World Coins by George S. Cuhaj
  273. Picker's Bible by Joe Willard
  274. Dangerous Curves by Brent Frankenhoff
  275. The Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Shotgun by Scott W. Wagner
  276. Warman's PEZ Field Guide by Shawn Peterson
  277. "Answers to Questions About Old Jewelry by 1840-1950" by C. Jeanenne Bell
  278. Picker's Pocket Guide - Baseball Memorabilia by Jeff Figler
  279. Vino Italiano by Joseph Bastianich; David Lynch
  280. On Paper by Nicholas A. Basbanes
  281. Vino Italiano Buying Guide - Revised and Updated by Joseph Bastianich; David Lynch
  282. How to Love Wine by Eric Asimov
  283. Within Overlooked by Al Amin
  284. Global Clay by John A. Burrison
  285. Modern Cast Iron by Ashley L. Jones
  286. Toy Time! by Christopher Byrne
  287. A Slepyng Hound to Wake by Vincent McCaffrey
  288. Hound by Vincent McCaffrey
  289. Shooter's Bible Guide to Deer Hunting by Peter J. Fiduccia
  290. Deer Rifles and Cartridges by Wayne van Zwoll
  291. "Shooter's Bible by 108th Edition" by Jay Cassell
  292. Long May She Wave by Kit Hinrichs; Delphine Hirasuna
  293. Thinking Small by Andrea Hiott
  294. "Old Books by Rare Friends" by Madeline B. Stern; Leona Rostenberg
  295. "The Insider's Guide to U.S. Coin Values by 21st Edition" by Scott A. Travers
  296. Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles by Brian Alexander
  297. Warman's Arts & Crafts Furniture Price Guide by Mark Moran; Mark Moran
  298. Standard Catalog of Vintage Baseball Cards by Bob Lemke
  299. Collecting Antique Marbles by Paul Baumann
  300. Third Reich Collectibles by Chris William
  301. Baby Boomer Comics by Craig Shutt
  302. The Everything Coin Collecting Book by Richard Giedroyc
  303. An Illustrated Guide To Gas Pumps by Jack Sim
  304. Warman's U.S. Stamps Field Guide by Maurice Wozniak
  305. The Everything Wine Book by Barbara Nowak; Beverly Wichman
  306. The Essential Guide to Investing in Precious Metals by David L Ganz
  307. "The Ultimate Guide to Bowhunting Skills by Tactics by and Techniques" by Jay Cassell
  308. Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt
  309. Baxter the Retriever by John Troy
  310. Hope Diamond by Richard Kurin
  311. "Hitlers Heavy Panzers by 1943–1945" by Ian Baxter
  312. 19th-Century Patchwork Divas' Treasury of Quilts by Betsy Chutchian; Carol Staehle
  313. Hunting Dangerous Game by Vin T. Sparano
  314. Petersen's Hunting Guide to Big Game by Petersen's Hunting
  315. "Collecting Rocks by Gems & Minerals" by Patti Polk
  316. The Man-Eaters of Tsavo by John Henry Patterson
  317. Baseball Hall of Fame Autographs by Ron Keurajian
  318. Just Fords by Brian Earnest
  319. Italian Renaissance Frames at the V&A by Christine Powell; Zoe Allen
  320. Conservation of Ruins by John Ashurst
  321. Risk Assessment for Object Conservation by Jonathan Ashley-Smith
  322. The History of Gauged Brickwork by Gerard Lynch
  323. Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration by Lesley Durbin; Lesley Durbin
  324. "X-Radiography of Textiles by Dress and Related Objects" by Sonia O'Connor; Mary Brooks
  325. Upholstery Conservation: Principles and Practice by Dinah Eastop; Kathryn Gill
  326. "Semi-Precious Stones - A Historical Article on Agate by Amber by Amethyst and Many Other Varieties of Gemstones" by Edwin W. Streeter
  327. Radiography of Cultural Material by Julia Tum; Andrew Middleton
  328. CO2 Pistols & Rifles by James House
  329. Chicago Flashback by N/A
  330. Antique Firearms Assembly/Disassembly by David Chicoine
  331. Famous Firearms of the Old West by Hal Herring
  332. A Guide Book of United States Coins 2016 by R.S. Yeoman
  333. The Old Outboard Book by Peter Hunn
  334. The NES Encyclopedia by Chris Scullion
  335. Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas by Susan Waggoner
  336. Blitzkrieg Russia by Jon Sutherland; Diane Canwell
  337. Forbidden Rites by Richard Kieckhefer
  338. Hidden Treasures by Harriet Baskas
  339. Forbidden Rites by Richard Kieckhefer
  340. The Adhesive Postage Stamp by Patrick Chalmers
  341. Wellington's Spies by Mary McGrigor
  342. British Concentration Camps by Simon Webb
  343. Standard Catalog of Ruger Firearms by Jerry Lee
  344. Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas by Susan Waggoner
  345. Roadkill Abc by Adair McPherson
  346. Gun Digest 2013 by Jerry Lee
  347. Forty Years of Airfix Toys by Jeremy Brook
  348. Gun Digest's Revolver Maintenance Concealed Carry eShort by Grant Cunningham
  349. Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings by Kevin Muramatsu
  350. Winchester Repeating Arms Company by Herb Houze
  351. Gun Digest Browning T-Bolt Assembly/Disassembly Instructions by Kevin Muramatsu
  352. Gunsmithing - Rifles by Patrick Sweeney
  353. Standard Catalog of Colt Firearms by James Tarr
  354. Gun Digest’s Why Revolvers for Concealed Carry? eShort by Grant Cunningham
  355. Custom Rifles - Mastery of Wood & Metal by Tom Turpin
  356. Gun Digest’s Choosing Concealed Carry Revolvers eShort by Grant Cunningham
  357. Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values by Phillip Peterson
  358. The Year's Work in the Oddball Archive by Charles M. Tung; Aaron Jaffe; Grant Farred; Seth Morton; Joseph Campana; Theodore Bale; Atia Sattar;
  359. Inventing a Better Mousetrap by Alan Rothschild; Ann Rothschild
  360. Ghost Towns of Montana by Shari Miller
  361. Clock Cases by Nigel Barnes; Karoliina Ilmonen
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  381. Hunting Whitetails East & West by J. Wayne Fears; Larry Weishuhn
  382. The Tracker's Handbook by Len McDougall
  383. Good Hunting by Theodore Roosevelt
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  385. Tales of Woods and Waters by Vin T. Sparano
  386. Wellington's Worst Scrape by Carole Divall
  387. 36 Bottles of Wine by Paul Zitarelli
  388. Shotgunning by Bob Brister
  389. Brick Fairy Tales by John McCann; Monica Sweeney; Becky Thomas
  390. Successful Turkey Hunting by John Higley
  391. The Care of Fine Books by Jane Greenfield
  392. The Ultimate Hunting Dog Reference Book by Vickie Lamb
  393. Christmas Remembered by Ben Logan
  394. Gun Trader's Guide to Shotguns by Robert A. Sadowski
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  397. Time Tamed by Nicholas Foulkes
  398. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing by David A. Madsen
  399. World Architecture by Richard Ingersoll
  400. Fundamentals of Building Construction by Edward Allen; Joseph Iano 1.
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[Table] IamA The guy who did an AMA on winning £1million on the lottery a year ago AMA!

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Date: 2014-03-04
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
What's the best thing about being rich? Not having to budget for nights-out and paying for activities. We still have a budget but in general we can say yes to an invite without having to plan our finances around it.
What do you spread on delicious delicious toast? The tears of orphans queueing at my door for food. I hoard their tears so they can't lick them for sustenance.
Do you even lift? Yes, I started using a personal trainer twice a week in Feb 2013. So now I do a back and leg day, chest and leg day and 2 cardio days per week.
Do you feel like you have enough money? Yes and no. I know we have enough money, we have no mortgage and we have a house rented out which pays the bills on our own house. But it doesn't mean we can live lavishly, we live really well but I can't affort to run a Lamborgini etc.
How are you investing it? Who gives you advice? Return rates? It's with a firm who camalot (UK lottery) set you up with. I did get a lot of advice from many places first before settling. It's invested in a low risk portfolio of various (over 400 I think) companies.
My return this year was 3.2%. Last year in my ama I did say I would get more but that was based on a different portfolio. I wasn't allowed into that portfolio because when you invest here (UK, but might be the same elsewhere) they do a risk assessment of you to decide if you can afford the risk (not sure if it's since the banking crisis). Because we hadn't invest before they would not let us invest in the riskier portfolios. The one we wanted returned over 9% annoyingly.
Other investments are the rental houses. One returns 7%ish and the other I've just finished doing up will either rent for a 7.5% or sell for a £20k profit.
How did you decide on the right advisor to listen to? If you didn't have Camelot to help, how different would your choices have been? If they didn't help I would have probably use my bank. All the banks have a investment person for "high net worth" clients. So it'd be the same investment style (invest in a portfolio of many companies) but just through a high-street bank.
So you make £32K a year off your investments. Is that all profit, so it speak? Do you have to pay tax on that? If not, then I wouldn't even bother working 9 to 5. No, this year it's worked out about £10k due to when we invested etc. But the investments in portfolios aren't guaranteed so it can't be relied upon. I very rough rule with long term investments is over a 5 year period you'd have 3 good years and 2 bad ones.
Yes that's all taxed. Rental income is normal income tax and if it "flip" a house (sell for profit) it comes under capital gains tax (unless I sell a few then it becomes and income tax).
In germany the bank gives you a recommendation bases on a risk assessment but you can always say that you want to make your own decision. your decision = bank cant be blamed. I'm sure I could do that here but I was new to this so played it safe.
Do they personally manage the portfolio? How often do they make changes to it? What percentage do they charge in fees? They don't personally manage the individual shares, they follow and invest in "fund managers" globally. As I understand it these "fund managers" are specialists in their field (like one will exclusively do renewable energy investments and another will exclusively do property investments). So my guys just watch the trends of those fund managers and see who is on form at the time. They charge 1% and I haven't found anyone who does it for less.
I see. You'd think a million would return more than that. It's almost a bit depressing really. Well, not that depressing. But sort of underwhelming. EXACTLY, if I invested the full £1m in a normal savings account at the time I could have got 1.7% so £17k but I obviously wanted my own house and other shiny things.
Dude seriously camelot are fleecing you. Please read up on this and move your money somewhere more sensible. Well I did see 13 other specialists including one who a family friend has over £1m with and the figures seem very similar. I'm in a low risk portfolio that should over a 5 year period return about 6% so atm it's doing what it should. But because we've now invested for a while we can increase our risk which is something we are considering.
Interesting. I once heard a stat that stated "If you put £1M into a traditional deposit-type bank account, the interest alone would be the equivalent of a £70,000-a-year salary". And, that's always been my go-to answer to the question "What would you do if you had/won a million pounds". It seems - and let's be honest, it's hardly a scientific stat anyway - that it is maybe an outdated way to look at things; maybe it was based on some interest rate decades ago. Plus, if I'm reading correctly, you've not put the base mill into investments anyway? Before the financial crash 2008 you could get about a 5% return in the UK but now it's between 1% and 2%.
Did you lose any friends over this? Did you make any new "rich people" friends? No I didn't because our household income hasn't really changed because I quit work. So any extra money that my investments make just means we have the same spending power as before.
Obviously we have it quite easy but my friends are all the same, I think I've been very lucky there. I have friends who are skint but we don't act any different to each other.
Why did you quit working? you really hate it that much? do you realize how dumb that is? I don't know how old you are but you're not rich. You're lucky, that is all. Grow up and get a job, you'll thank me in 20 years. Yeah I'm not exactly poor and my wife still works. But if you read the last ama you;ll the the quitting is a temporary thing.
Do you have any regrets or do you think you made the right decisions with the money? I regret that we can't give much away if we want to be responsible. They say you need to invest all of it etc which we did an ok job of doing.
What is the most significant thing you have done with your money so far? Pay off family bills? Fund a charity? Paid off my sister's Uni loans. We fund several charities on the pay monthly basis, rather than lump sums. My wife thinks it's more important for charities to have regular dependable donations rather than one-offs. I can see her point.
What was the first thing you did with the money? I covered that in the last AMA, I bought a sack of dog food (I didn't even have a dog) and the wife bought a jumbo bottle of Ribena blackcurrent juice.
I bought a sack of dog food (I didn't even have a dog) Well I guess people can celebrate however they like... It was for my sister (her dog) who was out with me shopping.
Do you have a dog now? No. We don't have the time to fully care for a dog.
So you both still work your old job full time? Ninjaedit: Sorry for so many questions but the answers just leave so much open. Edit: I think you answered that already down below somewhere in response to another question. So what are you doing now that takes so much time? She does still have the same full-time job, I took time off to invest and set up some rental houses etc. Now I am looking for work again mainly out of boredom.
"not enough time for dog." "gotta find a job cause I'm so bored." Riiight... I didn't have the time for a dog, it was a very busy time, trying to find the right houses to buy. then once I had the houses I fixed them up (it was a full-time thing). Now I've done that, I am bored and want to work a normal job again. So I won't get a dog knowing that I soon wont have the time for it.
What is the worst thing about being rich? I don't like the assumptions that I can afford EVERYTHING. Due to me leaving work we have about the same expendable income as we did before. So sometimes I feel like we seem tight with our cash when in reality it's just living to our income.
So I think there is an expectation to act rich.
What's the most awesome thing you've bought so far? I made myself a cinema room, I've got reclining leather chairs with cup holders, surround sound and a projector. I think that is my favourite.
We did also go to the Maldives where we had a villa in the ocean with a jacuzzi and steps right into the ocean. It was great but we could have gone to the same island for about £3k and it wouldn't have changed the experience much, but we spent £7k.
Got any films? Y'know, actual 35 mm films? No, that would be cool. But I've got a digital projector. A problem when buying the projector is that they aren't reviewed much so picking one was tough. I ended up with a BENQ w1070 because it does 1080p and 3d.
I just bought one of these last week. How are you liking it? I've not tried it at all yet. It's good, really enjoying it. The reviews aid it's not great with dark colours and I agree but it's not so bad that it spoils anything. It's been fine for gaming and films.
Also kinda like the fact I bought the same as a someone who won the lottery! Haha. Edit: I got these 3D glasses, "SainSonic Zodiac 904 Series 144Hz Rechargeable 3D Shutter Glasses". At the time they had bad reviews except for the ones who used them with the BENQ so I took a chance because they were only £25 a pair (typical prices were about £70) and they have been fine.
You uh... play any games in that sexy sexy theater Yeah, I even followed the reddit recommendations and bought bioshock infinate. I'm now replaying Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
Why did you quit your job? I was having a bad time there anyway but the £1mill was an overwhelming amount that needed a lot of time and care to decide where I was to spend it. So I took the opportunity to take a break, invest the money, fix-up some houses and try flying. Now I'm back to looking for a job in my field (Electrical).
How you thought about starting your own company? If you have enough left over from your other expenses, having that start up capital would be great. I have and the rental houses is sort of my own company. I have no passions that I want a career in. But I have skills that can be profitable. So we are looking to expand on the properties. We plan to get more houses on buy-to-let mortgages so that we can have about 6 houses, 2 owned fully and 4 with mortages. So in the future our tenants would have paid for us to own those houses.
What are the chances of a property bubble? Could your portfolio be too heavily property based? What if it went belly up in the near future? That's why I'm keeping nearly the same amount it investments. So if one side goes bad I still might have the other side.
What brought you back to Reddit after a year? A few requests last year to come back and see how broke I am. Then someone PM'd me with a reminder.
How have you as a person changed with the money? I'm more careful with how I spend. For example before I won I wouldn't set a budget for small events like a night out, I'd just keep getting cash out of the ATM all night and not control my spending, spend the rest of the month poor. Where as now I have a clear idea of what I'm spending on the night-out.
I'm really conscious of my spending.
Didn't you just say you used to set a budget for nights out but don't have to anymore..? No vice versa, when I was poor I would just keep spending as the fun kept going. Whereas now I'm more controlled even though I can afford to keep spending.
Hmm, bit of an insight into why rich people are stingy. Quite the transformation there. Do you think it's a good thing you are more conscious of (in the grand scheme of things) low cost night outs? The nights out a more expensive but I have a budget which I stick to, whereas before I wouldn't really care.
Conscious yes, but are you saving? It's fair to reason that even a millionaire needs to think about saving because one million will pay for one child in the US. Damb, our children are expensive. Every year our plan is to always save more than inflation so our money is always growing.
Would you say that money has become more important to you now? Yes, I'd like to say I'm humble etc but in reality I want more money!
Have you done two chicks at the same time yet? One is trouble enough!
Did you have family members you didn't know about coming out of the woodwork? No but I discovered some cousins a few months before the win. We've been trying to catch up etc. So when I first met up with them I had a dirty clapped out car and worked as an electrician. Then they come to visit me and I have a new Jaguar and a house beyond and electricians income. So that was fun, mainly watching them clearly wanted to question stuff but where too polite to.
You should've just subtly hinted that you deal cocaine or something crazy like that. quickly running ahead of them in your house to slam a door shut. scales sitting out on the kitchen counter. that type of shit. Lol I will do that when new people come round.
Can't read Jaguar without hearing Clarkson. What model did you go with? Xf sport but only got the 2.2d, I should have got the 3ltr.
Ha, I actually wish we had the 2.2d in the USA. Well the 3ltr diesel is more efficient so it is the better option but I didn't know that when I bought it.
You seem like you regret some of your purchases slightly, such as this, your projector and not being able to get the investment account you wanted, is this the case? Well I wouldn't say I regret it, just that I'm still learning.
Probably asked, How much was left after taxes and how much do you have today? No taxes in the UK for winnings (FREEDOM!!). In cash investments we have about £300k, in houses we have about £650k (including out own).
Are you more or less happy with life now as opposed to before the win? More, I was ashamed before the win. We (SO and I) worked hard but had barely scraped enough together to get a mortgage. Just before the win we had to move in with my mum while we waited for the house sale to happen. So I felt really bad, we had just married and had to move in with my mum, it's not the life I wanted for my SO. Don't get me wrong, we didn't need to live with my mum, it was just convenient between houses but it didn't feel good.
How about going somewhere interesting to do a low-paid flying job, like a flying doctor service in africa, or flying taxi in alaska or some tropical islands? I read that AMA and I would love to do things like that. But I have things here that mean I can't really leave. I have a child from a previous relationship that I have every two weeks. So I can't really live in a different country and maintain a good relationship with him.
Do you pay child support? if so, did the amount go up after you won? I do and it is based on the same formula as before I won. So it only works it out on income, not what you've got. I pay more now and also pay more on that because I used to get a discount for how far away my child lives and how many nights I have them. But I stopped claiming the discount now.
Anyone have the link for that AMA? Here
Has the mother of the child tryed to get any money out of you? Or anything of that sort? No, that's all sorted through the CSA so it's a non-issue. They tell me what to pay.
I really respect you for not claiming the discount anymore. Has winning the money changed anything in your relationship with your kid or his mother? I can imagine it's hard to not spoil him too much when you only get to see him every 2 weeks. It was hard, especially at Christmas, the only thing with the mother is that she thinks I should pay more so she went over my head to the csa to ask for more money. They told her that I could legally pay less and legally they can't take more.
Have you suddenly become more attractive to women after winning the lottery? I don't think they notice, it's not like I wear a sign.
Have you started using Double ply toilet paper? i would kill for that kind of luxury! I have to admit, we do buy a nicer brand of toilet paper, we'd buy the budget stuff before. No more papercuts for me.
Would you say that you feel luckier after winning the lottery or the same? cause ive seen on t.v. people who win the lottery once feel like their luck in everything has gone up. I don't but I do feel more confident, so maybe their "luck" is just them seeing things more positively and taking more opportunities. I feel like I have more opportunities now which could be interpreted as good luck.
Have you changed your grocery shopping routine? Do you find yourself buing more expensive groceries or do you still (if you did before) look for nice discounts, coupons etc? Do you eat better or more expensive food? Do you visit restaurants more often? Yes we do buy better things, but old habbits die hard. Meaning my SO will still by the really shit tasting budget food every now and then. We buy more fresh meat rather than frozen. We visit restaurants the same amount but it doesn't feel as special because we can afford it, so it's no longer a treat.
Since winning your money, has anybody ever tried to extort/take advantage of you?? No and I have done some things in the past that I have been waiting for people to try and exploit. I think they either aren't bothered or know that I have no shame and wouldn't care.
Dare you ellaborate? Lol no.
Beside overspending on your home,What is one thing you regret buying or doing since winning? Really NOTHING. I regret not buying things like a sports car and I really want one. It is a bit of the motivation to want to get back to work full-time. I want an Aston Martin DB9 or a Lamborghini gallardo but if I traded my Jaguar for one of them I'd need to add about £20k, that's just for a second-hand one. I couldn't afford to run one realistically.
It's good to have goals at least, it must be boring to have everything that you want! Goals are good, life would get pretty dull if I didn't have ambitions.
How many years before you expect a substantial return in your investments so you can buy any sports car? I'll buy one when I get a job, my wages should more than cover running costs.
I have a friend who I worked with last summer who won the £1million lottery. Still turned up for work (stacking haystacks at a farm) on monday and he also managed to keep all the money by receiving it as various lump sums to different family members who then transferred it to his bank account for tax reasons. Apparently if you receive it all yourself, there is quite a big tax reduction. So anyway, being that his whole family knew about him winning and his daughter told everyone at school, lots of people started asking for money or playing some sort of guilt card such as the neighbours and even other family members which he told me is pretty stressful. He was a bit of a dick before he won but I am kind of pleased he won because he has a daughter with some sort of genetic disease and he is getting her all the necessary medication she needs. Other than that he bought a 12 year old (good condition) land rover, and hasn't really changed his lifestyle much. It makes me think of just taking the tax hit if I won. Have you got much of the same problems? No but we don't get taxed on winnings in the UK and we get free health care so I've not had to think about spending to cure family. I worked for 3 months before quitting, just to be sure I was making a good choice.
The word did get out randomly, my SO was a work and people started asking about it. She works 40 miles from where we live and has no colleagues living near us so it was worrying. Turns out my sister told her work mate would told another etc.
Would you say that the extra money has made you any happier? Yes, more due to lack of stress. My life is more complicated but because I know that I'm secure financially I'm am not stressed.
HAve you got a car? If yes, what car? Jaguar XF.
Like true Brit. This makes me think of the new Jaguar commercial with all the English actors. Would you say it's accurate? I'm not a supervillain yet.
Do you say it like americans? Jag-war. Or like they do in commercials? Jag eu errr The correct way.
How has this effected your relationship with friends? Do you feel any pressure to buy the rounds in the pub, pay for meals, etc. It hasn't really, i noticed people offer me more drinks.
If you spent a third of a million did you buy a really big house or do you just live in the south east? Have you given anything to charity? Are you a Tory voter now? :P. Did you have lemon and sugar or something weird? Have a nice day. A big house in the north. I'll never go tory.
Did you go bankrupt? Not yet
What is one thing you would like to buy but still know you can't afford? Lamborghini Gallardo, I can buy one but couldn't afford to run it.
hand? I can buy one but it's the running costs that I probably can't handle.
What are average annual running costs? It sounds like you've look into it. I've always wondered what the upkeep on a supercar is. Realistically between £3k and £5k but that's just normal running costs like tyres, brakes, servicing, insurance. Note that this doesn't include fuel nor proper repairs when it breaks. So I'd need a backup for major repairs for when I break it. I wouldn't have a supercar unless I took it on trackdays so I'd like to plan for breaking it to be safe.
Are you still playing with the lottery? I mean; the chances of winning twice must be so low. The interest rate however is unbeatable. I do, the weird thing is I used to constantly (to a fault) say "when I win the lottery" and I always said I'd win it twice. The jackpot is £80mill on friday...
What are the chances if your poured let's say 2000 into tickets what would your chances be. I cba to do the math but the odds on the Euromillions is 1 in 116,531,800, the raffle (that I won) is 1 in 3,500,00.
1 in 35,000 or 1 in 350,000? Sorry 1 in 3,500,000.
How are the houses you are renting doing? Are they all occupied? Any major issues with people living in them? One is running fine and got a great tenant. The other is one I have just finished restoring so I have had estate agents valuing it this week. There is room for about £20k profit (pre tax) if I sell it so might do that.
Hey, congrats on the win. How often do you get people asking you for money? If it doesnt happen thay often, can you spot me $50k for some debt? Lol I had one friend ask for £3k but we had a rule from day1. No loans, EVER. We haven't regretted that rule. My friend felt bad for asking and putting me in a position to let him down. Because that is how it feels, like I let him down.
Can I have some money? Yes, get a job.
How much have you spent in to tal? About £600k on houses, £300 in investments, £30k on a car, £15k on holidays and the rest on gifts.
So at this point, in terms of actual money (not investments) are you back where you were a year ago? Nearly because we are living off my SOs wage and everything is in investments. So yeah.
What do you drive? EDIT: Also, what's your opinion on people who call a lottery ticket a 'tax on the stupid'? I drive a Jaguar XF sport. It's a good car that I got 20% off because I would for a company affiliated with Jaguar. So it was a bargain. My friends comment on how ridiculously sensible a decision that car was.
I recently won $1 million USD. I still work both of my jobs. one being a full time Monday through Friday and one being Saturdays only at a local bar. I intend to keep at them. if you could go back, would you have not stopped working? I still want to work, I had problems at my old job so took the opportunity to take some time off. But I wish I was working and have had quite a few interviews in the last few weeks.
How did your last AMA go and how did you feel about how it turned out? Not so go this year, there have been some good questions but not as crazy as last year.
Hey OP sorry if this was asked in your original thread, I've only joined Reddit recently. Did you enter the lotto on a frequent basis or was this a once in the (very lucky) blue moon? I did one "lucky dip" for every draw for 2 years before hand.
Surely he invested in the almighty doge. Much increase.
He isn't really getting return on a million though, seeing as a good chunk of it would have been used to pay for his house. At least he has no mortgage outgoings though, so that should work out as a pretty massive saving. Exactly.
He said he invested 2/3 of 1 million and earned 10k+, that's only 1.5%, which is just around the inflation rate. Yeah but the investment wasn't in for a full tax year. So next year should be better.
How many people have asked for money. One, he didn't get any.
Have you given thought on pursuing passions or hobbies that time working didn't allow I did and have. I wanted to be a pilot when I was younger so I tried that. After learning to fly I realised I like it but not for a job, especially since meeting a pilot with 10 years experience who just got promoted to £21k per year (co-pilot for big company). I had 19yo apprentices on more than that when I was working.
I think a lot of the single ply people reference is just super thin double ply. And don't get started on the fold or scrunch issue!
Do you eat healthier or less healthy (more indulgent) since getting the $$ Healthier but that is more a result of getting fitter rather than being able to afford better food.
To be fair £1 mil would be a relatively small jackpot in the US, so I can imagine many US winners walking away with more even after taxes. It's small here too. The actual prize for the euromillions is around £13m but for each draw a UK ticket is randomly selected (like a raffle) to win £1m. That is because the the price difference between the UK and Europe, the Brits pay slightly more so the extra cash is the £1m raffle prize.
Has investing in Bitcoin ever crossed your mind over the last couple of years? After my AMA last year I got a bitcoin wallet but never bought any. I'm glad I didn't now. I like more secure investments like houses.
Don't you think that if you don't have the intellectual capacity, winning a lottery once does not change a lot your life? I mean, have you ever tried to find somebody really intelligent and invest in his ideas, instead of awaiting to become broke by sitting on your stupid fat ass? Well I kinda see what you are saying. A large percentage of winners end up broke. The trouble with trying to find "somebody really intelligent and invest in his ideas" is that for every good investment there's 100s of failures.
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