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Bitcoin Money Adder Generator Download Latest Version
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Money making for the new guy. Not mining.

Well Tritium trading has been nerfed by hopefully organic market reactions. Anyway for the new guys there is still a 47k per unit profit to be made between Uutasso (Ejeta) and Djau (Oluwafemi). I started in an Adder yesterday that I could afford from courier missions, and now making about 11mil profit every 20 minutes from this route in Krait MK2 if anyone else wants to use it too. Fly safe!
If anyone else got a better money making method that doesn't involve trading Bitcoin let us new guys know, much appreciated.
Kind regards, CMDR Wouter Vokar.
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TOP GIGH PAY!Biggest Paying Faucret List 2019
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My thoughts on COSS

I purchased Coss at the peak. I dont remember what price it was because i was new money and I was on adderal, dope and totally euphoric from gambling on etherdelta. I had about 100k i was putting in bitcoin, but i needed to gamble too. So semi smartly I only threw 5k in the market and soon found myself on ether delta flying high. Semi researching, semi chasing highs so I could sell low and same old shit. I looked at coss pretty closly and I thought yeah it looks ok. Pretty decent ideas, decent graphics and design of their material (means nothing, but something at the same time in this world of crypto's). I like getting shares of traded crypto's. In this world of who ever the fuck knows what ico is going to do something, ill take a small portion of each. I know I would like to have a couple more bitcoin priced coins, ill wait 7 years more.
I bought like $2000 worth of coss at the high. It started to drop and about half way down i bought another 2k worth. It completely dropped out and I said "Fuck it, im out out". Daytrading crypto is kind of bullshit and if I would have just purchased bitcoin I would have been much happier with my first $5000.
I threw the other 95k in bitcoin and feel good about the whole thing, except for fucking coss. I would glance at the price here and there and kind of get mad. It did teach me to never use etherdelta again though. I would glance at the news on reddit and be fairly unimpressed. I know its only 45 days ,but coss price is shit.
After taking a look over your progress, I want to say first, I'm glad your a real place, made up of real people with not an overly complicated idea, compared to some of the coins i purchased that night.
I can tell you guys are working. How hard? im not sure, but i can tell you are moving. Which again is much better than most of my other coins purchased on my frenzy.
So long story short, ha. I dont really give a shit about getting my money back from that night because I will not ever do that again. Gave my trezor to my wife and said I am not to be trusted.
I am not going to sell my just under 10k coss, which I Know doesn't make me a large holder, but Ill ride out the ride with you guys. You do have a really good shot of at least taking a small portion of a very large emerging market, which might mean a decent payout for holders. I have bitcoin for long term investment, if it works out and I would like coss to be my candy jar, accumulating a small portion of large amount of cryptos without trying.
If your fucking off, get your shit together. If your working hard, as the way it looks now, thank you and your doing great. I am going to move 5k to the exchange to buy some shit, but no more trading, just picking up for long term(aka - wife approved weekly trades,ha). I will also pick up another 10k of coss, once its starts to move somewhere besides down. I know this wont light to world on fire, but its a gesture. It should mean something that people from other sides of the world can work together or least invest in something that is helping to change the world. By having more exchanges and making it easier for the general public to get involved, crypto will flourish. It makes sense and I dont see a future without them now.
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[Money] ??????? ?????? ? ????? - 76561198127817681

[Money] Other cash fraud (webmoney, bitcoin, etc)

Accused Scammer:
| steamname: ??????? ?????? ? ?????
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:83775976
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:
Scam Reporter:
| steamname: Adder /// selling csgo keys
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:17038276
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:
Details of Scam:
He wanted to buy cs:go keys. Added me with his second account named CoMpEnDiUm. Firstly, I gave him 1 key. He sent me the money for it then. Then we agreed to trade 15 keys and then he disappeared without paying any money.​
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