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[Task] Get 200 Doge to try out a site

Closed Thanks to Shootershibe for point out this is a known scam and after some searching I would agree that is is a ponzi scheme. Still some money to be made but at a high risk so be careful out there.
The site is CoinDouble, while I have been visiting many faucets, I keep seeing ads for so I thought I would try it out. CoinsDouble is an online investment platform in which you send them your coins and in 100 hrs they return you twice as many coins as they give you.
I have tried the site out twice and it works exactly as detailed. I have tested the site with 199 Doge and 7397 Doge and after 100 hours I received 398 and 14794 Doge respectively. So here is your chance to try out the site with some free doge.
I will tip anybody 200 Doge who would like to try this site out using my referral link ->
Just leave a post expressing interest and I'll drop a tip.
They currently accept investments of 4 different coins.
Coin Minimum Investment
Bitcoin 0.001 BTC
Dogecoin 100 Doge
Litecoin ???
Paycoin ???
(I don't know the minimums for Litecoin and Paycoin because I do not have a wallet address for those coins so I can't check the investment minimum)
I have enough Doge in my tip bot to set up 10 people with their first investment. After that Ill have to reload my Dogetip account so others might get their tips slower.
Looking for more coins to increase the size of your investment with Coindouble?
Below are some of my favorite faucets
(All links are referral links if you don't want to use them search the faucet on google)
Doge Faucets
Minimum payout is usually ~12 Doge, Pays out hourly
Withdrawal minimum 6 Doge
Minimum payout is usually ~1.44 Doge per 5 minutes (continues to accumulate beyond 1.44 doge if not withdrawn but rate begins to slow as amount increases)
Withdrawal: Pays out Saturday/Sunday if account has accumulated over 100 Doge
Minimum payout 7 Doge per 30 minutes
Withdrawal Minimum 25 Dogecoin
Bitcoin Faucets
Gold Days
All Payout to ePay, ePay pays out once per week if minimum is reached
Similar to MoonDoge (see above)
USA Faucet
Faucet of America
The Bitcoin Sheep
All Payout ~1000 Satoshi for people viewing the faucet from America
Pays out to FaucetBox
Weekend Bitcoin
Minimum payout 1000 Satoshi with the potential for 10,000 Satoshi on the weekends, Pays out hourly
Withdrawal minimum 10,000 Satoshi, Pays out every Monday
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A little bit on faucets...

I've compiled a list of faucets that I have been cycling over the past week, I wanted to confirm that they pay out before sharing and I have done quite well with them. They are all referral links but it took me bloody ages to put this list together so if you don't want to use them just don't click them. This list is actually more for my own benefit so its easier for me to cycle them in the minimum amount of time. I have a request though, if you have any faucets that I haven't included please add them below (use your referral link) and i will click them at least once daily None of these require you to make an account, just put in your wallet address, fill out the captcha and away you go.
IMPORTANT: please make sure you use the same wallet address for every link or your satoshi will not stack.
These 3 top ones go to an epay account which pay to your wallet address once a week if the balance is above 5800 (I think), these three alone seem to make me the most because they reset every 15 mins and I do them from my phone.
Golds day
Now below is the full list of other faucets that reset in the time given, I have added the minimum they pay out, usually the pay varies from 50 satoshi to 10000 satoshi depending on your luck.
BTC Flow this one accumulates if you leave it open, you can get 1200 pretty quick
fairy faucet 200 Time varies
Bitcoinker 100 15 mins
satoshireserve 50 15mins
scratch4satoshis 300 15mins
freefaucet 50 15mins
greenbitcoin 100 15 mins
bitmais 50 15 mins
pinktussy 150 30mins
mexxbase 75 30mins
bitrepay 250 45mins
bitcoin rocks 50 50mins
moneyinpjs 100 60mins
mezzabank 175 60mins
qoinfaucet 200 60mins
freebiefaucet 100 60mins
satoshibear 100 60mins
infames 200 60mins
bitcoindropper 199 60mins
flying faucet 75 60mins
Treasure 100 60mins
rtube 185 60mins
coinracket 145 60mins
robcoins 150 60mins
coin givaway 500 60mins
bitfaucet4us 150 60mins
crypto faucet 150 60mins
big coin 150 60mins
bit4surf 200 3hrs
pizza 75 3hrs
running faucet 80 3hrs
bosshippie 25 3hrs
myfreebitcoins 100 3hrs
dancefaucet 300 3hrs
btcmountain 77 3.5hrs
sheep 130 6hrs
bestbtcfaucet 50 6hrs
moneyinpjsbtc 20 6hrs
bitcoin puddle 750 6hrs
jazfaucet 750 10hrs
bcgenie 200 12hrs
bitcoinsfreebies 100 23hrs
satoshis4us 100 23hrs
abitfaucet4us 102 23hrs
freebitcoinfaucet 75 24hrs
100satoshi 100 24hrs
23coins 230 23mins
Most of these all pay into a microwallet account and stack onto each other which means you'll easily build up the minimum pay out within minutes a few others do pay into a faucetbox which can take longer. Just cycle them every now and then and you'll build up a noticable balance.
Just to tack onto the end here I have the alien faucet which is a 10 min cooldown.
And of course bitcoin 2048. Both of these require you to make an account. Put all of these together and you will have regular top ups to your bitcoin wallet.
Another different one is moon bitcoin, this one I leave running in a browser tab on my phone, you can claim this one every 5 mins or let it rack up satochis and claim whenever it's convenient.
Please add your own faucet links below, as long as it doesn't spam pop up ads at me i will click them regularly. Enjoy!
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Stars bit are currently giving out double rewards

Non referral;
To top up your satoshi you can also use golds day and CoinCollecting.(both referral links, non referrals are linked from within the site above). Make sure you use exactly the same wallet address for each game.
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