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Epic Cash AMA Recap with CryptoDiffer Community

CryptoDiffer team Hello, everyone! We are glad to meet here: Max Freeman (@maxfreeman4), Project Lead at Epic Cash Yoga Dude (@Yogadude), PR&Marketing at Epic Cash Xenolink (@Xenolink), Advisor at Epic Cash
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash Thanks Max, we are excited to be here!
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash Hello Everyone! Thank you for having us here!
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash Thank you to the CryptoDiffer team and CryptoDiffer community for hosting us!
CryptoDiffer team Let`s start from the first introduction question: Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join Epic Cash?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Hello! My background is Marketing and Business Development, I’ve been in crypto since 2011 started with Bitcoin, then Monero in 2014, Ethereum in 2015 and at some point Doge for fun and profit. I joined Epic Cash team in September 2019 handling PR and Marketing.
I saw in Epic Cash what was missing in my previous cryptos — things that were missing in Bitcoin and Monero especially.
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Hello Cryptodiffer Community, I am not an original co-founder nor am I a developer for the Epic Cash project. I am however a community member that is involved in helping scale this project to higher levels. One of the many beauties of Epic Cash is that every single member in the community has the opportunity to be part of EPIC’s team, it can be from development all the way to content producing. Epic Cash is a community driven project. The true Core Team of Epic Cash is our community. I believe a community that is the Core Team is truly powerful. EPIC Cash has one of the freshest and strongest communities I have seen in quite a while. Which is one of the reasons why I became involved in this project. Epic displayed some of the most self community produced content I have seen in a project. I’m actually a doctor of medicine but in terms of my experience in crypto, I have been involved in the industry since 2012 beginning with mining Litecoin. Since then I have been doing deep dive analysis on different projects, investing, and building a network in crypto that I will utilize to help connect and scale Epic in every way I can. To give some credit to those people in my network that have been a part of helping give Epic exposure, I would like to give a special thanks to u/Tetsugan and u/Saurabhblr. Tetsugan has been doing a lot of work for the Japanese community to penetrate the Japanese market, and Japan has already developed a growing interest in Epic. Daku Sarabh the owner and creator of Crypto Daku Robinhooders, I would like to thank him and his community for giving us one of our first large AMA’s, which he has supported our project early and given us a free AMA. Many more to thank but can’t be disclosed. Also thank you to all the Epic Community leaders, developers, and Content producers!
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
I’m Max Freeman, which stands for “Maximum Freedom for Mankind”. I started working on the ideas that would become Epic in 2018. I fell in love with Bitcoin in 2017 but realized that it needs privacy at the base layer, fungibility, better scalability in order to go to the next level.
CryptoDiffer team
Really interesting backgrounds I must admit, pleasure to see the team that clearly has one vision of the project by being completely decentralized:)
Q2: Can you briefly describe what is Epic Cash in 3–5 sentences? What technology stands behind Epic Cash and why it’s better than the existing one?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
I’d like to highlight the differences between Epic and the two highest-valued privacy coin projects, Monero and Zcash. XMR has always-on privacy like Epic does, but at a cost: Its blockchain is over 20x more data intensive than Epic, which limits its possibilities for scalability. Epic’s blockchain is small and light enough to run a full node on cell phones, something that is in our product road map. ZEC by comparison can’t run on low end devices because of its zero knowledge based approach, and only 1% of transactions are fully private. Epic is simply newer, more advanced technology than prior networks thanks to Mimblewimble
We will also add more algorithms to widen the range of hardware that can participate in mining. For example, cell phones and tablets based around ARM chips. Millions of people can mine Epic that can’t mine Bitcoin, and that will help grow the network rapidly.
There are some great short videos on our YouTube channel
that explain why we believe we have created something truly special here.
Our core architecture derives from Grin, so we are fortunate to benefit on an ongoing basis from their considerable development efforts. We are focused on making our currency truly usable and widely available, beyond a store of value and becoming a true medium of exchange.
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Well we all have our views, but in a nutshell, we offer things that were missing in the previous cryptos. We have sound fiscal emission schedule matching Bitcoin, but we are vastly more private and faster. Our blockchain is lighter than Bitcoin or Monero and our tech is more scalable. Also, we are unique in that we are mineable with CPUs and GPUs as well as ASICs, giving the broadest population the ability to mine Epic Cash. Plus, you can’t forget FUNGIBILITY 🙂 we are big on that — since you can’t have true privacy without fungibility.
Also, please understand, we have HUGE respect to all the cryptos that came before us, we learned a lot from them, and thanks to their mistakes we evolved.
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
To add on, what also makes Epic Cash unique is the ability to decentralize the mining using a tri-algo model of Random X (CPU), Progpow (GPU), and Cuckoo (ASIC) for an ability to do hybrid mining. I believe this is an issue we can see today in Bitcoin having centralized mining and the average user has a costly barrier of entry.
To follow up on this one in my opinion one of the things we adopted that we have seen success for , in example Bitcoin and Monero, is a strong community driven coin. I believe having a community driven coin will provide a more organic atmosphere especially when starting with No ICO, or Premine with a fair distribution model for everyone.
CryptoDiffer team
Q3: What are the major milestones Epic Cash has achieved so far? Maybe you can share with us some exciting plans for future weeks/months?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Since we went live in September of 2019, we attracted a very large community of users, miners, investors and contributors from across the world. Epic Cash is a very international project with white papers translated into over 30 languages. We are very much a community driven project; this is very evident from our content and the amount of translations in our white papers and in our social media content.
We are constantly working on improving our usability, security and privacy, as well as getting our message and philosophy out into the world to achieve mass adoption. We have a lot of exciting plans for our project, the plan is to make Epic Cash into something that is More than Money.
You can tell I am the Marketing guy since my message is less about the actual tech and more about the usability and use cases for Epic Cash, I think our Team and Community have a great mix of technical, practical, social and fiscal experiences. Since we opened our YouTube channels content for community submissions, we have seen our content translated into Spanish, French, German, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, and other languages
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Our future development roadmap will be published soon and includes 4 tracks:
Core Protocol
Ecosystem Development
Core Protocol
Epic Server 2.9.0 — this release improves the difficulty adjustment and is aimed at making block emission closer to the target 60 seconds, particularly reducing the incidence of extremely short and long blocks — Status: In Development (Testing) Anticipated Release: June 2020
Epic Server 3.0.0 — this completes the rebase to Grin 3.0.0 and serves as the prerequisite to some important functional building blocks for the future of the ecosystem. Specifically, sending via Tor (which eliminates the need to open ports), proof of payment (useful for certain dex applications e.g. Bisq), and our native mobile app. Status: In Development (Testing) Anticipated Release: Fall 2020
Non-Interactive Transactions — this will enhance usability by enabling “fire and forget” send-to-address functionality that users are accustomed to from most cryptocurrencies. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
Scaling Options — when blocks start becoming full, how will we increase capacity? Two obvious options are increasing the block size, as well as a Lightning Network-style Layer 2 structure. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
Confidential Assets — Similar to Raven, Tari, and Beam, the ability to create independently tradable assets that ride on the Epic Blockchain. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
GUI Wallet 2.0 — Restore from seed words and various usability enhancements — Status: Needs Assessment Anticipated Release: Fall 2020
Mobile App — Native mobile experience for iOS and Android. Status: In Development (Testing) Anticipated Release: Winter 2020
Telegram Integration — Anonymous payments over the Telegram network, bot functionality for groups. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
RandomX on ARM — Our 4th PoW algorithm, this will enable tablets, cell phones, and low power devices such as Raspberry Pi to participate in mining. Status: Needs Assessment Anticipated Release: n/a
The economics of mining Epic are extremely compelling for countries that have free or extremely cheap electricity, since anyone with an ordinary PC can mine. Individual people around the world can simply run the miner and earn meaningful money (imagine Venezuela for example), something that has not been possible since the very early days of Bitcoin.
Ecosystem Development
Atomic Swaps — Connecting Epic to other blockchains in a trustless way, starting with ETH so that Epic can trade on DeFi infrastructure such as Uniswap, Kyber, etc. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
From the Community aspect, we have been further developing our community international reach. We have been seeing an increase in interest from South America, China, Russia, Japan, Italy, and the Philippines. We are working on targeting more countries. We truly aim to be a decentralized project that is open to everyone worldwide.
CryptoDiffer team
Great, thank you for your answers, we now can move to community questions part!
Cryptodiffer Community
You have 3 mining algorithms, the question is: how do they not compete with each other? Is there any benefit of mining on the GPU and CPU if someone is mining on the ASIC?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
The block selection is deterministic, so that every 100 blocks, 60% are for RandomX (CPU), 38% for ProgPow (GPU), and 2% for Cuckoo (ASIC) — the policy is flexible so that we can have as many algorithms with any percentages we want. The goal is to make the most decentralized and resilient network possible, and with that in mind we are excited to work on enabling tablets and cell phones to mine, since that opens it up to millions of people that otherwise can’t take part.
Cryptodiffer Community
To Run a project smoothly, Funding is very important, From where does the Funding/revenue come from?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Yes, early on this was realized and in order to scale a project funds are indeed needed. Epic Cash did not start with any funding and no ICO and was organically genesis mined with no pre-mine. Epic cash is also a nonprofit community driven project similar to Monero. There is no profit-driven entity in the picture. To overcome the revenue issue Epic Cash setup a development fund tax that decreases 1% every year until 2028 when Epic Cash reaches singularity with Bitcoin emissions. Currently it is at 7.77%. This will help support the scaling of the project.
Cryptodiffer Community
Hi! In your experience working also with MONERO can you please clarify which are those identified problems that EPIC CASH aims to develop and resolve? What’s the main advantage that EPIC CASH has over MONERO? Thank you!
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
First, I must admit that I am still a huge fan and HODLer of Monero. That said:
✅ our blockchain is MUCH lighter than Monero’s
✅ our transaction processing speed is much faster
✅ our address-less blockchain is more private
✅ Epic Cash can be mined with CPU (RandomX) GPU (ProgPow) and Cuckoo, whereas Monero migrated to RandomX and currently only mineable with CPU
Cryptodiffer Community
  1. the feature ‘Cut Through’ deletes old data, how is it decided which data will be deletes, and what are the consequences of it for the platform and therefore the users?
  2. On your website I see links to download Epic wallet and mining software for Linux,Windows and MacOs, I am a user of android, is there a version for me, or does it have a release date?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
  1. This is one of the most exciting features of Mimblewimble, which is its extraordinary ability to compress blockchain data. In Bitcoin, the entire history of a coin must be replayed every time it is spent, and comprehensive details are permanently stored in the blockchain. Epic discards spent transaction inputs and consolidates outputs, storing neither addresses or amounts, only a tiny kernel to allow sender and receiver to prove their transaction.
  2. The Vitex mobile app is great for today, and we have a native mobile app for iOS and Android in the works as well.
Cryptodiffer Community
$EPIC Have total Supply of 21,000,000 EPIC , is there any burning plan? Or Buyback program to maintain $EPIC price in the future?
Who is Epic Biggest competitors?
And what’s makes epic better than competitors?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
We respect the older generation coins like Bitcoin. But we have learned that the supply economics of Bitcoin is very sound. Until today we can witness how the Bitcoin is being adopted institutionally and by retail. We match the 21 million BTC supply economics because it is an inelastic fixed model which makes the long-term economics very sound. To have an elastic model of burning tokens or printing tokens will not have a solid economic future. Take for example the USD which is an inflating supply. In terms of competitors we look at everyone in crypto with respect and also learn from everyone. If we had to compare to other Mimblewimble tech coins, Grin is an inelastic forever inflating supply which in the long term is not sound economics. Beam however is an inelastic model but is formed as a corporation. The fair distribution is not there because of the permanent revenue model setup for them. Epic Cash a non-profit development tax fund model for scaling purposes that will disappear by 2028’s singularity.
Cryptodiffer Community
What your plans in place for global expansion, are you focusing on only market at this time? Or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Since we are a community project, we have many developers, in addition to the core team.
Our plans for Global expansion are simple — we have advocates in different regions addressing their audiences in their native languages. We are growing organically, by explaining our ideology and usability. The idea is to grow beyond needing a fiat bridge for crypto use, but to rather replace fiat with our borderless, private and fungible crypto so people can use it to get goods and services without using banks.
We are not limiting ourselves to one particular demographic — Epic Cash is a valid solution for the gamers, investors, techie and non techie people, and the unbanked.
Cryptodiffer Community
EPIC confidential coin! Did you have any problems with the regulators? And there will be no problems with listing on centralized exchanges?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
In terms of structure, we are carefully set up to minimize these concerns. Without a company or investors in the picture, and having raised no funds, there is little scope to attack in terms of securities laws. Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely acknowledged as acceptable, and we follow in their well-established footprints in that respect. Centralized exchanges already trade other privacy coins, so we don’t see this as much of an issue either. In general, decentralized p2p exchange options are more interesting than today’s centralized platforms. They are more censorship resistant, secure, and privacy-protecting. As the technology gets better, they should continue to gain market share and that’s why we’re proud to be partnered with Vitex, whose exchange and mobile app work very well.
Cryptodiffer Community
What are the main utility and real-life usage of the #EPIC As an investor, why should we invest in the #EPIC project as a long-term investment?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Because our blockchain is so light (only 1.16gb currently, and grows very slowly) it is naturally well suited to become a decentralized mobile money standard because people can run a full node on their phone, guaranteeing the security of their funds. Scalability in Bitcoin requires complicated and compromised workarounds such as Lightning Network and light clients, and these problems are solved in Epic.
With our forthcoming Mobile Mining app, hundreds of millions of cell phones and tablets will be able to easily join the network. People can quickly and cheaply send money to one another, fulfilling the long-envisioned promise of P2P electronic cash.
As an investor, it’s important to ask a few key questions. Bitcoin Standard tokenomics of disinflation and a fixed supply are well proven over a decade now. We follow this model exactly, with a permanently synchronized supply from 2028, and 4 emission halvings from now until then, with our first one in about two weeks. Beyond that, we can apply some simple logical tests. What is more valuable, money that can only be used in some cases (censorable Bitcoin based on a lack of fungibility) or money that can be used universally? (fungible Epic based on always-on privacy by default). Epic is also poised to be a more decentralized and therefore resilient network because of wider participation in mining. Epic is designed to be Bitcoin++ Privacy, Fungibility, Scalability
Cryptodiffer Community
Q1. What are advantages for choosing three mining algorithms RandomX+, ProgPow and CuckAToo31+ ?
Q2. Beam and Grin use MimbleWimble protocol, so what are difference for Epic? All of you will be friends for partners or competitors?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
RandomX and ProgPow are designed to use the entirety of a CPU / GPU’s unique processing capabilities in a way that other types of hardware don’t work as well. You can run RandomX on a GPU but it doesn’t work nearly as well as a much cheaper CPU, for example. Cuckoo is a “memory hard” algorithm that widens the range of companies that can produce the hardware.
Grin and Beam are great projects and we’ve learned a lot from them. We inherited our first codebase from Grin’s excellent Rust design, which is a better language for community participation than C++ that Beam currently uses.
Functionally, Mimblewimble is similar across the 3 coins, with standard Confidential Transactions, CoinJoin, Dandelion++, Schnorr Signatures and other advanced features. Grin is primarily ASIC-targeted, Beam is GPU-targeted, and Epic is multi-hardware.
The biggest differences though are in tokenomics and project structure. Grin has permanent inflation of 60 coins per block with no halvings, which means steady erosion of value over time due to new supply pressure. It also lacks a steady funding model, making future development in jeopardy, particularly as the per coin price falls. Beam has a for-profit model with heavy early inflation and a high developer tax. Epic builds on the strengths of these earlier mimblewimble projects and addresses the parts that could be improved.
Cryptodiffer Community Some privacy coin has scalability issues! How Epic cash will solve scalability issues? Why you choose randomX consensus algorithem?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Fungibility means that you can’t distinguish one unit of currency from another, in example Gold. Fungibility has recently become a hot issue as people have been noticing Bitcoins being locked up by exchanges which may of had a nefarious history which are called Tainted Coins. In example coins that have been involved in a hack, darknet market transactions, or even processing coin through a mixer. Today we can already see freshly mined Bitcoins being sold at a premium price to avoid the fungibility problem Bitcoin carries today. Bitcoin can be tracked by chainalysis and is not a fungible cryptocurrency. One of the features that Epic has is privacy with added fungibility, because of Mimblewimble technology, Epic has no addresses recorded and therefore nothing can be tracked by chainalysis. Below I provide a link of an example of what the lack of fungibility is resulting in today with Bitcoin. One of the reasons why we chose the Random X algo. is because of the easy barrier of entry and also to further decentralize the mining. Random X algo can be mined on old computers or laptops. We also have 2 other algos Progpow (GPU), and Cuckoo (ASIC) to create a wider decentralization of mining methods for Epic.
Cryptodiffer Community
I’m a newbie in crypto and blockchain so how will Epic Cash team target and educate people who don’t know about blockchain and crypto?
What is the uniqueness of Epic Cash that cannot be found in other project that´s been released so far ?
Yoga Dude Pr&Marketing at Epic Cash
Actually, while we have our white paper translated into over 30 languages, we are more focused on explaining our uses and advantages rather than cold specs. Our tech is solid, but we not get hung up on pure tech talk which most casual users do not need to or care to understand. As long as our fundamentals and tech are secure and user friendly our primary goal is to educate about use cases and market potential.
The uniqueness of Epic Cash is its amalgamation of “whats good” in other cryptos. We use Mimblewimble for privacy and anonymity. Our blockchain is much lighter than our competitors. We are the only Mimblewimble crypto to use a unique cocktail of mining algorithms allowing to be mined by casual miners with gaming rigs and laptops, while remaining friendly to GPU and CPU farmers.
The “uniqueness” is learning from the mistakes of those who came before us, we evolved and learned, which is why our privacy is better, we are faster, we are fungible, we offer diverse mining and so on. We are the best blend — thats powerful and unique
Cryptodiffer Community
Can you share EPIC’s vision for decentralized finance (DEFI)? What features do EPIC have to support DEFI?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
We view Epic as ideally suited to be the decentralized digital reserve asset of the new Private Internet of Money that’s emerging. At a technology level, atomic swaps can be created to build liquidity bridges so that wrapped Epic tokens (like WBTC, WETH) can trade on other networks as ERC20, BEP2, NEP5, VIP180, Algorand and so on. There is more Bitcoin value locked on Ethereum than in Lightning Network, so we will similarly integrate Epic so that it can trade on networks such as Uniswap, Kyber, and so on.
Longer term, if there is market demand for it, thanks to Scriptless Script functionality our blockchain has, we can build “Confidential Assets” (which Raven, Tari, and Beam are all also working on) that enable people to create tokenized assets in a private way.
Cryptodiffer Community
If you could choose one celebrity to promote Epic-cash, who that would be?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
I am a firm believer that the strength of the project lies in allowing community members to become their own celebrities, if their content is good enough the community will propel them to celebrity status. Organic celebrities with small but loyal following are vastly more beneficial than big name professional shills with inflated but non caring audiences.
I remember the early days of Apple when an enthusiastic dude named Guy Kawasaki became Apple Evangelist, he was literally going around stores that sold Apple and visited user groups and Evangelized his belief in Apple. This guy became a Legend and helped Apple become what it is today.
Epic Cash will have its OWN Celebrities
Cryptodiffer Community
How does $EPIC solve scalability of transactions? Current blockchains face issues with scalability a lot, how does $EPIC creates a solution to it?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Epic Cash is utilizing Mimblewimble technology. Besides the privacy & fungibility aspect of the tech. There is the scalability features of it. It is implemented into Epic by transaction cut-through. Which means it allows nodes to remove all intermediate transactions, thus significantly reducing the blockchain size without affecting its validation. Mimblewimble also does not use addresses like a BTC address, and amount of transactions are also not recorded. One problem Monero and Bitcoin are facing now is scalability. It is evident today that data is getting more expensive and that will be a problem in the long run for those coins. Epic is 90% lighter and more scalable compared to Monero and Bitcoin.
Cryptodiffer Community
what are the ways that Epic Cash generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
There is a block subsidy of 7.77% that declines 1.11% per year until 0, where it stays after that. As a nonprofit community effort, this extremely modest amount goes much further than in other projects, which often take 20, 30, even 50+ % of the coin supply. We believe that this ongoing funding model best aligns the long term incentives for all participants and balances the compromises between the ends of the centralized/decentralized spectrum of choices that any project must make.
Cryptodiffer Community
Q1 : What are your major goals to archive in the next 3–4 years?
Q2 : What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption?
Yoga Dude Pr&Marketing at Epic Cash
Max already talked about our technical plans and goals in his roadmap. Allow me to talk more about the non technical 😁
We are aiming for broader reach in the non technical more mainstream community — this is a big challenge but we believe it is doable. By offering simpler ways to mine Epic Cash (with smart phones for example), and by doing more education we will achieve the holy grail of crypto — moving past the fiat bridges and getting Epic Cash to be accepted as means of payment for goods and services. We will accomplish this by working with regional advocacy groups, community interaction, off-line promotional activities and diverse social media targeting.
Cryptodiffer Community
It seems to me that EpicCash will have its first Halving, right? Why a halving so soon?
Is a mobile version feasible?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Our supply emission catches up to that of Bitcoin’s first 19 years after 8 years in Epic, so that requires more frequent halvings. Today’s block emission is 16, next up are 8, 4, 2, and then finally 0.15625. After that, the supply of Epic and that of BTC stay synchronized until maxing out at 21m coins in 2140.
Today we have a mobile wallet through the Vitex app, a native mobile wallet coming, and are working on mobile mining.
Cryptodiffer Community
What markets will you add after that?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Well, we are aiming to have ALL markets
Epic Cash in its final iteration will be usable by everyone everywhere regardless of their technical expertise. We are not limiting ourselves to the technocrats, one of our main goals is to help the billions of unbanked. We want everyone to be able to mine, buy, and most of all USE Epic Cash — gamers, farmers, soccer moms, students, retirees, everyone really — even bankers (well once we defeat the banking industry)
We will continue building on the multilingual diversity of our global community adding support and advocacy groups in more countries in more languages.
Epic Cash is More than Money and its for Everyone.
Cryptodiffer Community
Almost, all cryptocurrencies are decentralized & no-one knows who owns that cryptocurrencies ! then also, why Privacy is needed? hats the advantages of Private coins?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
With a public transparent blockchain such as Bitcoin, you are permanently posting a detailed history of your money movements open for anyone to see (not just legitimate authorities, either!) — It would be considered crazy to post your credit card or bank statements to Twitter, but that’s what is happening every time you send a transaction that is not private. This excellent video from community contributor Spencer Lambert\_4 explains better than I can.
Privacy is not just for criminals, it’s for everyone. Do you want your landlord to increase the rent when he sees that you get a raise? Your insurance company to raise your healthcare costs because they see you buying too much ice cream? If you’re a business, do you want your employees to see how much money their coworkers make? Do you want your competitors to trace your supplier and customer relationships? Of course not. By privacy being default for everyone, cryptocurrency can be used in a much wider range of situations without unacceptable compromises.
Cryptodiffer Community
What are the main utility and real-life usage of the #EPIC As an investor, why should we invest in the #EPIC project as a long-term investment?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Epic Cash can be used as a Private and Fungible store of value, medium of exchange, and unit of account. As Epic Cash grows and becomes adopted it can be compared to how Bitcoin and Monero is used and adopted as well. As Epic is adopted by the masses, it can be accepted as a medium of exchange for store owners and as fungible payments without the worry of having money that is tainted. Epic Cash as a store of value may be a good long term aspect of investment to consider. Epic Cash carries an inelastic fixed supply economic model of 21 million coins. There will be 5 halvings which this month of June will be our first halving of epic. From a block reward of 16 Epic reduced to 8. If we look at BTC’s price action and history of their halvings it has been proven and show that there has been an increase in value due to the scarcity and from halvings a reduction of # of BTC’s mined per block. An inelastic supply model like Bitcoin provides proof of the circulating supply compared to the total supply by the history of it’s Price action which is evident in long term charts since the birth of Bitcoin. EPIC Plans to have 5 halvings before the year 2028 to match the emissions of Bitcoin which we call the singularity event. Below is a chart displaying our halvings model approaching singularity. Once bitcoin and cryptocurrency becomes adopted mainstream, the fungibility problem will be more noticed by the general public. Privacy coins and the features of fungibility/scalability will most likely be sought over. Right now a majority of people believe that all cryptocurrency is fungible. However, that is not true. We can already see Chainalysis confirming that they can trace and track and even for other well-known privacy coins today such as Z-Cash.
Cryptodiffer Community
  1. You aim to reach support from a global community, what are your plans to get spanish speakers involved into Epic Cash? And emerging markets like the african
  2. How am I secure I won’t be affected by receiving tainted money?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Native speakers from our community are working to raise awareness in key markets such as mining in Argentina and Venezuela for Spanish (Roberto Navarro called Epic “the holy grail of cryptocurrency” and Ethiopia and certain North African countries that have the lowest electricity costs in the world. Remittances between USA and Latin American countries are expensive and slow, so Epic is also perfect for people to send money back home as well.
Cryptodiffer Community
Do EPICs in 2020 focus more on research and coding, or on sales and implementation?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
We will definitely continue to work on research and coding, with emphasis on improved accessibility (especially via smartphones) usability, security and privacy.
In terms of financial infrastructure will continuing to add exchanges both KYC and non KYC.
Big part of our plans is in ongoing Marketing and PR outreach. The idea is to make Epic Cash a viral sensation of sorts. If we can get Epic Cash adopters to spread the word and tell their family, coworkers and friends about Epic Cash — there will be no stopping us and to help that happen we have a growing army of content creators, and supporters.
Everyone with skin in the game gets the benefit of advancing the cause.
Folks also, this isn’t an answer to the question but an example of a real-world Epic Cash content —
a challenge from one of our content creators to beat his 21 pull ups and get 100 epics! This has not been claimed yet — people need to step up 🙂 and to help that I will match another 100 Epic Cash to the first person to beat this
Cryptodiffer Community
I was watching some videos explaining how to send and receive transactions in EpicCash, which consists of ports and sending links, my question is why this is so, which, for now, looks complex?
Let’s talk about the economic model, can EpicCash comply with the concept of value reserve?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
In V3, which is coming later this summer, Epic can be sent over Tor, which eliminates this issue of port opening, even though using tools like, it’s not necessarily as painful as directly configuring the router ports. Early Lightning Network had this issue as well and it’s something we have a plan to address via research into non-interactive transactions. “Fire and Forget” payments to an address, as people are used to in Bitcoin, is coming to Epic and we’re excited to develop functionality that other advanced mimblewimble coins don’t yet have. We are committed to constant improvement in usability and utility, to make our money system the ease of use leader.
We are involved in the project (anyone can join the Freeman Family) because we believe that simply by choosing to use a form of money that better aligns with our ideals, that we can make a positive change in the world. Some of my thoughts about how I got involved are here:
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Huge thanks to our friends Maks and Vladyslav, we welcome everyone to come say hi at one of our friendly communities. It is extremely early in this journey, our market cap is only 0.5m right now, whereas the 3 other mimblewimble coins are at $20m, $30m and $100m respectively. Epic is a historic opportunity to follow in the footsteps of legends such as Bitcoin and Monero, and we hope to become the first Top 5 privacy coin project.
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Would like to Thank the Cryptodiffer Team and the Cryptodiffer community for hosting us and also engaging with us to learn more about Epic. If anyone else has more questions and wants to know more about EPIC , can find us at our telegram channel at .
Yoga Dude Pr&Marketing at Epic Cash
Thank you, CryptoDiffer Team, and this wonderful Community!!!
Cryptodiffer TEAM
Thank you everyone for taking your time and asking great questions
Thank you for your time, it was an insightful session
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Play Royal Updates and News
With much anticipation PlayRoyal has finally released it referral system. That’s right you can now promote play royal and earn a share of the rewards mined on the platform from your referees. you earn a percentage of house edge wins, trading fees and Poker rake for all the Play Royal clients you refer via your unique link, plus your referrals will also receive a mining bonus for the first week.
Not only does the referrer get a bonus but the referee gets 1% mining bonus on all tokens. In addition, that mining bonus also stacks with mining leader bonuses on the platform which means new players can stack royally while mining. For more incentive Play Royal is also running an referral competition.

Use your unique referral link to invite people to play on Play Royal. As the players play you will earn rewards based on the players wagers as mentioned above. The People with the most cumulative earnings in the top 20 spots will earn rewards as listed below.
Oct 12, 2019 4:00 AM
Nov 1, 2019 4:00 PM
  1. 7,500,000 PLAY and 30,000 TRX
  2. 5,000,000 PLAY and 20,000 TRX
  3. 3,500,000 PLAY and 14,000 TRX
See the full rewards table on site.
SDT is now available as trading pairs and for betting on Play Royal games.
As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
BTC is now enabled on Play Royal in both the exchange and a large portion of our games. Play our provably fair games on Play Royal with PLAY, RWD, TRX, ETH, BTC and USDT

PlayRoyal RoadMap:
⁃ Bitcoin (BTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange) - Done
⁃ Litecoin (LTC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ EOS (EOS) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Matic (MATIC) Full integration (Games+Exchange)
⁃ Launching an Epic Referral System platform wide - Done
⁃ Daily tasks
⁃ News section - Done
⁃ Integrated forum
⁃ Special VIP features
⁃ Launch Deposit Bonuses - Done
⁃ Notification inbox
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced FOMO3D
⁃ The Return of the New enhanced Multiplayer Dice
⁃ Daily Race Cash prizes to replace mining bonus
⁃ Poker sit'n'go, tournaments and jackpots
⁃ PVP games between players
⁃ Poker optimization for mobile
⁃ List Play Token on Delta & Portfolio
⁃ List Play Royal Exchange on and - Done
⁃ Launching Crash The Moon Multiplayer Game
⁃ Esports
⁃ More Autobet Features on Games
⁃ Changing Maximum bet to Maximum win on Dice
⁃ Launching a Marketing Campaign – In progress and Ongoing
⁃ Adding More languages to the Play Royal Platform - Done
⁃ Onboarding experience for new players with rewards
⁃ Landing pages + more content on each page
DappStats, FIO.Social, Crypto Alliance, BETSOFT, and more to come.

Play Royal is not just about the game but also about the experience. Play Royal has made moves to improve the user interface, reliability, community environment with CEO Tony Discord AMA and much more. If you have not tried out play royal now is the time.
Press Play and come see how it feels to be Royal.
Daily News 25 October 2019
PLAY ROYAL🔹Best Online Crypto Casino & Crypto Exchange Platform 🔹
🚧 Hello PLAYers! BlackJack is currently under maintenance. We thank you for your patience 🙏 🚧
USDT Now On Play Royal 🚀🚀🚀
Hello fellow players! As promised, USDT is now live. Use the USD stable coin in our exchange to beat the market, or simply play any of the Play Royal created games found on our system using the ERC-20 token. USDT, BTC and PLAY betting on Betsoft games will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
We have plenty of exciting updates planned for Q4 of 2019. Stay tuned in the coming week for our first ever exciting holiday event as things at Play Royal get a little spooky.
PLAYROYAL Referral Competition 🎁🎁🎁
Competition Period: Oct 12, 2019 8:00 AM utc - Nov 1, 2019 8 PM utc
⛏ Current Mining Efficiencies:
▪️ Round 33 of 250 (Current Round Progress: 2.748% )
🚀 BTC ➡️ 0.000159 BTC : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 USDT ➡️ 1.29 USDT : 1 RWD + 50% RWD 🚀 PLAY ➡️ 23,333 PLAY :1 RWD + 30% RWD
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Daily Party:
Burn your RWD tokens to get your share of the pool, There is a:
50% bonus for RWD burned for the first 12 hours
25% bonus for the following 8 hours, with the
0% bonus for the Final 4 hours
🔥 First 12 hours ➕ 50% Bonus
🔥 12th - 20th hour ➕ 25% Bonus
🔥 Last 4 hours ➕ 0% Bonus
🔥🔥🔥Weekly RWD Burn🔥🔥🔥
64,821 RWD been burned from playing with RWD -
🔲 Need Help? Join Debug Telegram 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨
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🔲 Official PlayRoyal Announcement Channel
🔲 Wagered RWD Burn Counter - From Playing With RWD
🔲 How to Play the MAX QUEST: Wrath of Ra Slot? 🔲 RoadMap Chart
🔲 Discord AMA With PlayRoyal CEO Tony - PDF Link
❇️❇️ Stay tuned as the exciting announcements at Play Royal don’t slow down. 😉😉
Happy trading and happy gaming! 📝📝
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Why Bitcoin and all crypto-currencies will continue to plummet

When Bitcoin first started to gain some traction, what were the selling points? The first was that it was useful; the block-chain technology offered a currency that was infinitely divisible, decentralized, and open source. Although the Bitcoin nay-sayers have attacked some of these merits, I don’t think this is where the problem lies. Bitcoin and block-chain technology is clearly very innovative and useful.
However, besides being useful, the other crucial selling point of Bitcoin is its scarcity. A currency is utterly worthless if it can be created or counterfeited at will. Bitcoin seemed to easily answer this problem by setting a hard limit on the number of possible Bitcoins to ever exist – 21 million. As these Bitcoins are “mined”, the mining process becomes more difficult and more time consuming, meaning the rate at which new Bitcoin comes into existence slows
asymptotically. Additionally, considering that all Bitcoin is stored digitally, there is an increasing amount of the currency that is stored on hard drives that are either inaccessible or destroyed. In other words, we will reach a point where the amount of usable bitcoin in circulation actually decreases. Then it seems as though Bitcoin has the problem of scarcity solved, right? After all, it can’t be counterfeited and no more than 21 million can ever be created! Well, it depends.
Let’s take a quick detour into simple economics. Let’s say you are looking to buy some peanut butter. You find the peanut butter aisle and see a couple of different brands. You see a jar of Skippy peanut butter priced at $4 and an equally sized jar of Jif for $5. In your mind, peanut butter is peanut butter, so you go with the less expensive Skippy brand. In this case, Skippy and Jif are considered substitutes. Furthermore, in your mind, they are perfect substitutes, meaning you will always choose the cheaper one regardless of how much cheaper it is. But what if everyone considered Skippy and Jiff to be perfect substitutes? Well, it should be pretty obvious that in this case, Skippy peanut butter would be flying off the shelves and not a single jar of Jif would be sold (assuming sufficient Skippy brand was in stock, of course). How would the manufacturers respond to this situation? Well, if Skippy was smart, they would raise the price until the price was only one penny less than that of Jif. They would still ensure that only Skippy brand butter was bought, and they would maximize their profit per jar sold. But Jif, being equally smart, would try to adopt the same strategy and always attempt to beat the price of Skippy by a penny. This perfectly competitive behavior would ultimately result in each firm producing and selling peanut butter at the same price- competitive equilibrium. The important lesson is that perfect substitutes will have identical prices, and any change in one price would mean an identical change in the other.
So how does this knowledge of substitutes and perfect substitutes apply to crypto-currency? It should be fairly obvious by now that I mean to show that Bitcoin has near-perfect substitutes. Of course, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin are not identical. There are differences in fees, payment processing times, and infrastructure among these most popular currencies. In fact, even the prices of each coin are staggeringly different. How then, can I argue that these coins are perfect substitutes, or even substitutes at all?
First, we must acknowledge the fact that the vast majority of crypto-currency investors are very poorly informed when it comes to the technical aspects of any given coin. The vast majority of investors also do not even intend to use their crypto-currencies as currency, but instead are holding these currencies as a speculative venture. In other words, the difficult-to-understand technical differences between these coins don’t even exist for the majority of investors.
But if these coins are perfect substitutes in the eyes of investors, why are the prices so drastically different? Didn’t I just explain that perfect substitutes have identical prices? Well, in one sense, the prices are very different. The price of bitcoin is close to $4000 and Ethereum is hovering around $35. This would seem to indicate that Ethereum and Bitcoin are very different. But we have to remember that we are talking about digital, infinitely divisible, scale-independent items. These aren’t like jars of peanut butter. The important thing is that any movements made in the price of Bitcoin are mirrored, to scale, in the price of Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, and Litecoin among other coins. This can be seen at almost any time in the Coinbase App, where the price history charts for any established coin appear to move identically 95% of the time. This symmetry in price indicates that the vast majority of crypto investors view these coins as nearly identical, perfect substitutes.
So what’s the big deal? What’s wrong with having substitutes? Well, having perfect substitutes for Bitcoin defeats, entirely, the purpose of artificial scarcity. There may only be 21 million Bitcoins that can ever exist, but there is absolutely no bound on the number of identical crypto-coins that can exist. Saying Bitcoin is valuable because it is scarce is like saying Skippy peanut butter is extraordinarily valuable because the company will only ever make 21 million jars, even though a different company with the identical recipe continues production. Skippy peanut butter really isn’t scarce, and neither is Bitcoin.
New crypto-currencies pop up like daisies because there is an ability to make an immense profit from an ICO. But where does that money come from? In almost all certainty, this money is largely coming from money invested in other coins. In other words, it is money that is being moved from one coin to another as opposed to brand new investment. This is important. The amount of money being invested into crypto currencies exploded during Bitcoin’s rise to $20,000, but has since tapered off. At this point, especially when the prices of all crypto-currencies are falling, new investment is extremely hard to come by. Every day, there is less money and more coins (perfect substitutes) to invest it in. This means the prices of all coins will continue to fall, barring some extraordinary increase to crypto investment. But even with an increase to crypto investment, new coins will continue to be created, and speculative investment will continue to be split further and further.
There is no reason to think this trend will change. This will continue until nearly all speculative investment in crypto currency is withdrawn or lost. After the dust settles, this will ultimately result in coins with different prices (much lower than current values) according to infrastructure and usefulness. All coins that have no real infrastructure or use as a currency will reach $0, and all crypto investment will be focused on a few, easily purchasable, easily usable coins.
But we still have a long way to fall. The fact that the prices of the most popular crypto-currencies essentially mirror one another despite important technical differences between each coin indicates that the vast majority of remaining crypto investment is speculative as opposed to real investment. The bubble is still popping.
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The Historical Importance of Litecoin Implementing SegWit on 5/10

I thought I'd write up a brief post on why 5/10 is a big day for Litecoin as a way to reflect and in case you're new. A lot of this is going to briefly cover Bitcoin's history (hopefully somewhat objectively), but there's a reason for that as it will show you the role Litecoin played and the continued role it could continue to play in the future.
Today marks the day when Litecoin successfully activated SegWit. This was an important moment for both the Bitcoin and Litecoin communities. In the beginning of 2017, there were 3 main topics of contention in the bitcoin community:
  1. There were rumblings of covert ASIC BOOST mining on the Bitcoin network.
  2. There was also talk about the need for a transaction malleability fix for transaction id's, particularly because this would be needed if 2nd layer solutions like the Lightning Network ever were to transpire. As a side note, transaction malleability is just fancy way of saying that there was more than 1 way to create a tx id. Even though, LTC would be sent to the correct address, accounting was difficult because there could be multiple tx id's for the same transaction which created conflicting pieces of information.
  3. Bitcoin's blocks were getting full and so there were talks of increasing the blocksize to process more transactions.

Segwit: The Possible Solution

Segwit was first proposed by Pieter Wiulle in 2015 in order to address the problem of malleability. Later on, a positive side-effect to SegWit that was discovered was that it could naturally increase the blocksize to just under 4 mb.
However, there was much resistance in the Bitcoin community to hardfork in order to implement this protocol. That's when Luke-jr proposed a soft fork i.e. some nodes are SegWit and others are not. This is why you can currently broadcast to both legacy and segwit transactions from the same wallet. However in order to achieve this, no true segwit addresses were utilized (hence the current need for Bech32 SegWit addresses). Instead, SegWit transactions are nested into a script (a.k.a a smart contract) called a "Pay 2 Script Hash". If you want to learn more, I highly recommend Mastering Bitcoin Chapter 7 by Andreas.
By soft forking, the hope was that SegWit could:
  1. Make covert ASIC BOOST mining negligible if not useless.
  2. Fix Transaction Malleability to set the path towards the Lightning Network.
  3. Increase the blocksize to a hypothetical 4 mb block (2mb average) "weight" as a temporary stop-gap.
However, the method of implementing a SegWit soft-fork through P2SH had never been done before and FUD started circulating around this topic. Some claimed that there was a problem of "anyone could spend" the script that was used to lock up the SegWit transactions. Since there was so much in-fighting between implementing a SegWit softfork and simply just increasing blocksizes in lieu of SegWit, the Bitcoin community was stuck.
They then attempted to settle this debate through miner signaling. This meant miner's would run the client software they supported which would then be recorded in the block that they successfully submit. Turns out the miners responsible for extending the majority of Bitcoin's blockchain wanted a simple blocksize increase instead of SegWit.
This then created another wave of debate as the discussion shifted towards how to exactly determine "consensus." Then bitcoin clients were released that allowed non-mining nodes to "signal" in support of SegWit or a Blocksize increase. This revealed that many users actually believed in SegWit, contrary to what the miners wanted (although even here there is some debate as to the authenticity of these nodes as they can be spoofed). It is from this movement that the phrase "User Activated Soft Fork" (UASF) was born.

How Does Litecoin Fit into All of This?

In the beginning of 2017, Charlie wrote up an article outlining his vision for Litecoin, SegWit, and the Lightning Network. He (along with the Litecoin core team) then worked hard to convince and gain consensus among miners to implement segwit. In fact, they even hosted a "Litecoin Roundtable".
It was out of this agreement that the Litecoin dev team could confidently move forward with soft-forking SegWit onto Litecoin which officially occurred on 5/10/17.
With the success of the soft fork, it showed that it wasn't difficult to implement and that it wouldn't disrupt the network. Even though Bitcoin developers could have tested the implementation on testnet, nothing beats a live main net version to "test" on.
Oh, and Litecoin implementing Segwit also proved that the "anyone can spend" FUD was...well just FUD.

The $1 MM SegWit Bounty

A random redditor (u/throwaway40338210716) created a throwaway account and posted a $1 MM Bounty for anyone who could "steal" the LTC from the P2SH address. This person even provided the raw hex tx for miners to try and steal the funds from:
(P.S. u/coblee later revealed he was the person who put up this bounty)
No one was successful in doing so. In fact, the funds were left there for about 4 months...or just a few weeks after Bitcoin activated SegWit.

Litecoin's Value as the Silver to Bitcoin's Gold

Though many Bitcoin maximalists may not admit this, Litecoin was an important part in helping implement SegWit onto Bitcoin:
  1. Litecoin proved it was safe to do so on main net.
  2. The $1 MM Bounty proved P2SH transactions were safe disproved the "anyone can spend" FUD.
In the end, there were many reasons as to why Bitcoin ultimately implemented of it being the SegWit2X NYA agreement. However it is undeniable that Litecoin played its part in squashing the FUD surrounding SegWit thereby removing some of the huge roadblocks Bitcoin faced during these debates.
In light of all this, we now can look forward to an exciting future of layer 2 scaling solutions through the Lightning Network. Suffice it to say, there are many mutual benefits to Litecoin being the silver to Bitcoin's gold (an analogy that highlights the close relationship Litecoin's codebase has to Bitcoin's), two of which we've seen this year alone:
  1. It allows us to be a testbed for Bitcoin. Nothing beats main net implementation with billions of dollars on the line.
  2. It allows BTC protocols and clients to be easily ported onto LTC. This is evidenced by SegWit as well as how the lnd client has both BTC and LTC support.
  3. It offers a secure enough network for those who are building on top of BTC to port their businesses onto LTC for cheaper transactions. This was ultimately why Abra decided to add Litecoin as an underlying asset to its exchange.
Anyways, I hope this was helpful to you all and provided some context to the historical significance behind 5/10 and Litecoin activating SegWit. In many ways, this was the date that Litecoin undeniably proved its worth to both the bitcoin and the cryptocommunity as a whole. I will add UASF to my twitter handle as a way to commemorate it. Join me if you want!
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Part 462c - Force of Nature

"Easy there, Ben. You're not looking too good." I carefully keep one hand on his shoulder as we exit the bar. It occurs to me that I could easily erase the drunkenness from his body with Wordsmithing, as I did to myself, but Ben wouldn't want that. OMEN is already back at the castle by now, since we couldn't stand his chattering, so I had a guard escort him to my room. I'm sure Samantha will be delighted to see him again.
"Ah feel fine. Nebber vetter." He mixes up his words and stumbles forward a step, but I keep my grip firm, holding onto his armor as if my life depends on it. I'm more than strong enough to carry him by the back of his shirt with a single arm, so it's not an issue for me. Ben, still looking at the ground, waves his hand in front of himself, as if feeling for a wall. "Left m'damn keys somewhere. Can't get in the house."
"There's no house, Ben. I'll just teleport us to the castle; you're in no condition to be walking around at night." I glance up and realize the sun is peeping over the horizon. Shit, I've been out drinking with him and didn't even get a drop of sleep. Oh well, Wordsmithing can rest me up in a pinch if need be. I can't rely on it for long stretches of time, as I did in my youth, but the aftereffects of skipping one night's sleep will be relatively minor.
Instantly, we appear inside the castle. Before I can make another move, Ben lunges forward, escapes my grasp, and falls to the ground, only to start heaving a moment later. It takes me a second to realize I just gave a drunk man motion sickness. In retrospect, changing his surroundings all of a sudden probably wasn't the best idea.
Ben vomits for a solid ten seconds all over the castle courtyard lawn, making me feel oddly relieved he didn't do that indoors. I have the most random thoughts sometimes.
Deciding that's more than enough vomiting, I aim my mind at Ben. "Sober." He won't be happy since he drank so much explicitly to feel nothingness on the inside, but it can't be helped. He's in a pitiful state.
After a moment of staring at his own vomit, Ben jumps to his feet and dusts himself off. "Great. Now I can feel my body again. This must be because of that Wordsmithing you told me about."
"Yup." I yawn reflexively, before muttering "Awake," under my breath. "You were starting to embarrass yourself, so I figured I'd stop you before you drew a crowd."
I smile at him, but he doesn't return the expression. "Embarrassment, huh? Emotions like that are reserved for humans. I'm a man of steel now because I have to be. I've long since had any sense of tragedy ripped from my body." Ben reaches up to slick his hair back, but he bumps his hand against his helmet. "Damn. This metal piece of shit. It's the only thing that makes me feel secure, after what happened when the Kolvaxians attacked. It's like a shelter for me, a refuge from those monsters. However, at the same time, it's also a coffin. It makes me feel secure, but also reminds me of how weak and pathetic I am. Not like you."
He gestures at me flippantly, and I raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean by 'not like me'? You punched me so hard that you nearly broke my jaw."
"Wasn't me, it was the suit. I'm only as strong as any other average guy. The Hypersuit enhances my strength, my speed, my defense, and all my other physical attributes to superhuman levels. It can monitor around me in a 360 degree sphere, and can even go into autopilot mode if I pass out, ensuring my safety. The difference is, you may be weaker than this suit, but only somewhat. I can tell by the energy readings Centurion gave me that you're way above an ordinary human, strength, and speed-wise. You don't have to rely on fancy equipment or gadgets to protect yourself." Ben shakes his head as a depressed look crosses his face. "There's only one thing this suit can't protect me from."
"Your inner demons," I say, nodding at him sagely. "Don't beat yourself up too much, Ben. Everyone has problems. Yours may be way more than the average person's, but-"
"Hey! Don't lecture me. You may have the face of an adult, but you're just a kid. You haven't even been alive a century." Ben grinds his teeth together and looks past me, toward the rising sun. "I'm not even a real person, Jason. I'm just a clone. A fake. So was Beatrix, and several other commanding officers. Someone woke us up from our cloning pods, and when we learned that we had been asleep for thousands of years, humanity was on the edge of defeat, and we had to piece it together... the pressure was unthinkable. I did terrible acts- things that no person should have, all in the name of ensuring the Terra's survival."
I'm surprised to see a single tear roll down Ben's face. "And for what? Why did I give up my humanity?! Why did I fight for so long, when the Kolvaxians turned them all in the end? Do you know? Do you have any insight into the machinations of the universe, Hero boy?"
His words don't sting like they should, perhaps because I know he's simply lashing out in anger. If it weren't me here, he'd be taking out his pent-up heartache on someone else.
"I'm not that smart, Ben. I barely know anything. What I do know is that I've made a lot of mistakes, and I'll inevitably make more as time goes on. You won't learn anything valuable in life without fucking up, so by that logic, the more you ruin things, and the bigger your margins are, the more you'll learn. In your case, you've unlocked a newfound hatred for the Kolvaxians, above and beyond anything you had before. You should turn your feelings of guilt and rage against them, and focus your mind on how you can save the lives of those you called friends."
For a moment, I feel a little proud of myself. That sounded smart! Wise, even!
Ben, however, isn't so easily impressed. "You can learn plenty of other ways, Jason. Books, for example. Getting the entirety of my crew killed, millions of innocent souls- that isn't a small setback, it's a colossal failure. Maybe I can move on and try and not mess things up again in the future, but they can't. My crew is gone." Ben pauses, and an odd look appears in his eye. "Though... you did cure my Kolpox. Maybe things aren't as hopeless as I thought. It might be possible to convert a fully turned Kolvaxian back to their original form, but only you could do it."
"I suppose anything's possible," I say, keeping my tone neutral since I'm not sure about that at all.
Realistically, it's probably doable. The future isn't set in stone, after all. The problem is, without a Kolvaxian test subject, I won't know for sure if reverting them to their original form is doable or not.
Well, I'm a Wordsmith. I can bend the universe to my will, so I'm probably just overthinking things, as usual. I need to stop doing that.
Ben reaches up and pulls his helmet off, catching me off-guard as he inhales deeply. "Ahh, fresh air."
It takes me a moment to respond. "What? You had the front of the helmet open. Couldn't you smell the flowers already?"
He shakes his head. "The suit is oppressive, in a way that's hard to put into words. The fragrance reaches me, but as long as my head and body are within the confines of the Hypersuit, it forms a solid barrier between Mother Nature and my perception of her beauty. After all, man created machines to bend nature to his will. As long as we use weapons of war and machines to till the soil, they will always be an artificial barrier between us and her glory."
I stare at him in silence. Shit. That was a lot more poetic than what I said a minute ago. Ben beat me, and he wasn't even trying, I think to myself. "Yeah. That's a smart way to put it."
Ben turns away from me to stare at a red flower his foot barely missed stomping on by an inch or two. "Sometimes, when I couldn't sleep at night, I would lie on my bed and stare up at the ceiling, wondering what the Kolvaxians were and from where they came. Their green skin, the way they absorb technology and flesh together into a single entity... what if they're..." He pauses and his breath catches. "...never mind. If the Kolvaxians are a force of Nature, a weapon wielded by the Mother herself as the final punishment for corrupting her body with our machines, we won't win. Even when Earth was around, a single hurricane could lay waste to millions of human lives all at once."
"A force of nature?" I gaze at Ben as he reaches down and plucks the flower, then brings it to his nose and inhales. "You're saying you don't think they're a sentient species, but an organism born to kill humanity, and tear apart our machines?"
With a shake of his head, Ben casts the flower aside. "I haven't the faintest clue, Jason. Nobody does. Anyone who says they do is lying. I can only hope that isn't the case, or humanity, the Volgrim, and the Demons are dead already." A wistful look appears on his face, and the corners of his mouth curl up slightly. "Wouldn't it be funny if my friends weren't monsters, but instead were living normal peaceful existences? What if the Kolvaxians have achieved perfect unity? Maybe they aren't all that bad. Perhaps I should have allowed myself to turn, after all. I could be missing out."
Oh boy. Ben just pivoted from rage at the Kolvaxians to debating whether he should join them. He's all over the damn place.
"Ben, if becoming a Kolvaxian is a good thing, you'll have plenty of opportunities in the future. I think that right now, your skills as a leader would be best put to use here, leading this remnant of humanity. We not only have Demons to fight but also Volgrim and Kolvaxians in due time. If you're willing to put the past behind you, you could help us out a lot. For my part, I'll do everything I can to find out more about the Kolvaxians, and try to see if there's a way to revert them to their human forms. We both have a role to play in this, but I can't do my part if you won't do yours. Understand?"
No longer content with just a faint smile, Ben's mouth contorts into a full-on grin. "Yeah, you're right, Jason. There's still a chance. Beatrix, Emily, everyone from the Terra might yet see the light of day. I can't give up hope."
The sun continues to rise behind me, and silently beats down, warming my back. "The first step is always the hardest. Come on. I'll show you to an empty room, and we'll work out what your new role is in this new human society later."
Ben nods, and as he turns to walk alongside me, he chuckles softly. "You know, I'm still annoyed you took away my drunkenness. I enjoy that aspect of drinking."
"Eh, I don't. I like to keep my wits about me. If you feel that strongly though, I'll make you drunk again when we reach your room."
"Hell yeah." Ben slugs me in the arm, and his punch feels like he hit me with a sledgehammer. "You're a good kid."
"Thanks, grandpa."
"Elder Basil..." An Admiral from one of the forward fleets stares at me from the hologram in the center of the room. His serpent-like appearance is muted somewhat by the guilt strewn across his face. "...Perhaps you may recall the exploration pod we sent to the Outer Rim?"
I steal a glance at Elder Lozu. If this is going to be more bad news, I'm sure he'll be just delighted to see me squirm. "I do."
The Admiral's cheeks quiver as he sucks in a quick breath. "We lost contact with it seven hours ago. It transmitted the Emergency alert just before it turned offline, along with all of its data stores. The results were... unsettling."
"Ah, so it's more bad news. Just spit it out, Admiral Kresh. At this point, you can't shock me."
I hope. Thinking those two words to myself, I keep my mouth shut. Saying them out loud would be like begging the universe to prove me wrong.
Admiral Kresh keeps his hands clasped together in front of his stomach and bows his head ever so slightly. "I'll be blunt. To Elder Basil, and all other members of the Council... I don't see a path to defeating the Kolvaxians. Combined with the other scouting pod findings from across the Milky Way, we've confirmed that they have made landfall in nearly every system across the galaxy. We're encircled, and breaking through to flee the galaxy is likely impossible at this point."
Elder Lozu, ever the composed one, nods slowly. "So that was their goal. Encircle us, chew at our perimeters, and slowly hem us in. Thanks to that blunder with the damned Sentinel, we hardly have any reserves, and building new ships will take several years to replace the ones we've lost. We can't try and retake any systems, or else we run the risk of spreading our forces too thin."
Anger, sadness, resentment... none of those feelings enter my mind. I feel nothing. Looking at the faces of those around me, it's obvious that all the other Council members are thinking the same thing.
We can't attack. We can't retreat. We can't flee. We can't move slowly. We can't move quickly.
All options are off the table. At this point...
"We're just delaying the inevitable." The words slip out my mouth, but I no longer feel wrong about saying them. So what if the other Council-members think of me as weak for daring to admit the futility of our actions? We've already lost. Whether it takes the plague one year or a million, it will infect all of us eventually.
A sudden energy springs into Lozu's body. He jerks forward and pounds his fist on the table. "Fine! Fine! I will say it. Elder Basil, I was wrong!" He jerks his head back to glare at me. "They can't be bartered or reasoned with, nor will they listen to diplomacy or take bribes. Military might is the only way to crush them!"
Hah. Hahaha... what is Lozu even saying? Is he only now realizing the peril we're in? He's far, far too late. The time for action was a year ago, or ten years ago, or a thousand years ago. Too little, too late.
Still, I decide to humor him. I might as well get a chuckle out of the little pipsqueak, even if we're all going to be consumed in the end. "Yes, military might. Do tell how we're going to beat them after you dragged your feet for so long."
Lozu gnashes his teeth together. "W-we could bring the ancient technology back online! Unlock it and start the research once again!"
"That would take time. Even if we fight a war of attrition and focus entirely on defense and research to prolong the inevitable, it won't be enough."
Worthless scum. Lozu chooses now, of all the times, to grow a backbone? I've finally stopped caring about appearances in front of the others, and he's done the opposite. The folly of youth knows no limits.
Lozu jumps up from his seat and stumbles slightly, but jabs a finger at me. "The demons! We should demand their help! Send them off to die against the Kolvaxians instead of our soldiers!"
"You're assuming Diablo would allow such a thing. Despite his pretenses, he is no lover of our people. In fact, displaying weakness in front of him is sure to make him stab us in the back. That's what demons do, after all."
The courageous barrage from the idiot, Lozu, falters as he slowly lowers his arm. "What about that Sentinel? Surely it could-"
"The Sentinel demonstrated it was no ally of ours. We threatened the human, demon, and the angel, and their Sentinel displayed where its loyalty lay. Bringing a Sentinel here would surely kill us faster than the Kolvaxians would."
Finally defeated, Lozu crumbles back into his seat and sighs, before looking at me. "You don't want to try anything then? Have you given up already?"
What a loaded question. All this youth did was object to my insistence for millions of years that we should open up the ancient technology to be studied, and now he acts like I'm the coward in the room. "I'm a pragmatist, Elder Lozu. Long before you were so much as daring to make a move to be on the Council, I led the Volgrim alongside the first Elders to pacify the demons. It was a vicious, bloody war, but we won. You arrived here a fresh-eyed youngster, hoping to make a mark by opposing the most politically involved of all of us, and you built your career on trying to stop any of my goals, no matter the detriment to Volgrim-kind. Now you sit upon your coveted seat, as one of us, daring to hint that I have grown soft? I do not fear fighting the Kolvaxians, I simply understand that it is futile now that we've lost all our advantages. Or rather, you gave them away for free. Had you listened to my advice early on, we could have driven the monsters back to the void from whence they came, but it will never happen now. All we can do is prolong our suffering."
Every Council-member in the room, barring Lozu, nod slowly along with my words. Even Admiral Kresh has to agree, for my little speech is rooted in a timeless wisdom earned only by living and doing things the right way for such a long time. It's impossible to disagree.
Admiral Kresh is the first to speak, after several long moments of silence. "Elder Basil, there is another possibility. If we cannot flee the galaxy, and we likely cannot win, the ancient research may still be our salvation. If we begin working on it now, we might have a breakthrough. In the worst-case scenario, we could pass our research to the humans. The demons will not know how to use it, but the humans might. Better for them to outlive us and slay the Kolvaxians, than for the galaxy to become a utopia for those parasites to spread to the rest of the universe."
I lean back in my seat and nod approvingly at the Admiral. "A selfless act, from the one who has brought our people many victories against the Kolvaxians over the millennia. Coming from anyone else, I'd hardly entertain the idea, but your words have merit."
Heh, the more I think about it, the more I wish to laugh, as primitive as it sounds. The Admiral is effectively advocating petty revenge. If we can't defeat you; we'll make sure our enemies can! To think that the once-mighty Volgrim, above the demons and the humans, would fall so far... the Founders would spit upon the shell we've become.
Elder Lozu doesn't even offer a weak rebuttal. The anguish I felt only a minute ago has been heaped on his shoulders, and for now, it warms my soul. He deserves it, the worthless little runt. Our people will perish because of his incessant stonewalling, so he'd better be as miserable as possible when we reach our end.
"Do you have any orders, Elder Basil?" Admiral Kresh stares at me, ignoring the other Council members in the room.
"Do what you can to slow them down. We'll start our research at once. If we're lucky, perhaps there will be a miracle. If not... it'll be up to the humans and demons to purge the plague from the galaxy." I pause and look at the Admiral meaningfully. "One last thing. Consider this a new order, effective for all troops. Everyone must equip themselves with a killswitch. If a Kolvaxian is going to take us, all it will get is a corpse."
Admiral Kresh simply nods. "I contemplate, and I comprehend."
Hey guys! New part yay!
SO, I'm currently working on a bunch of new things. Firstly, I now have a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet address! You will soon find these on the sidebar in case you lose them. We'll add QR codes in the near future as well.
BTC Address: 1KLokky8FRbEkdcqiG8EVNKNcLBwyAxG8T
ETH Address: 0xf743C88AF530CfE9A9f110F6ba12DD53405B5754
(If you donate any cryptocurrency, plz shoot me a PM on Reddit, since I don't know how often I'll be checking these! If you don't I might not realize you donated for a long while!)
Additionally, I have set up a MakerSupport page to potentially replace Patreon, located here. But wait! Don't pledge to it yet, because I'm currently talking with the Drip staff about getting invited early. I don't know if I will or not, but if I do, I'd rather be on a big site run by a company like Kickstarter than MakerSupport.
Well, sorta. You see, I've been talking with the developer of MakerSupport. As you guys may have realized, I like good customer service. I may not be the best writer of all time, but one thing I strive to do is read every comment, PM, email, and etc sent to me by fans of cryopod. I try to respond to as many as possible too, unless of course it's not directed at me or such.
One thing I hated about Patreon was that the site was huge, and I never felt like I had a voice. Shit would just change, and I had no say in what those changes would be. On MakerSupport, however, while it is a small site, the developer has added ten major features in just the last three days. I've spoken with him, and two of the things I asked for were implemented immediately. That's huge! The site has lots of flaws, but for raw potential, I'd say MakerSupport is in the lead. It's also low-fees, lower than Patreon by far, and that means for myself as well as my donors. You pay less, I get more, we all win.
Don't sub to my MakerSupport page just yet, but do know that I've got a good feeling about it. I'm not in a rush just yet, but I'm planning to chooce between Drip and MS by the end of this week, depending on whether Drip accepts/denies me, and whether MS adds a few key features I really need.
In any case, we've got BTC and ETH support up for you mining folks, and I'll probably make a litecoin wallet too because DAMN son, that jump! It doubled in value over just two days! Crazy!
Thanks for reading and being my fans! I love you guys!
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An exhaustive email explaining NYC "roadmap" to the 'hype and scam' crowd. PLEASE READ.

Please read this email very carefully a few times. No disrespect is intended. But you seem to be very good at helping with a pump. And that can be good, I guess. NYC is not a pump and dump. ATM's coming was not to create hysteria on penny stock forums to make the quick "100 bagger". NYC ATM's were published and promoted because they will be the next step in the progression of NYC and its accessibility and usability. By paying 2 BTC to Coinomi for their implementation of NYC onto their platform (in Nov 2017) that milestone for NewYorkCoin has/will enable full mobile access/usage of NYC worldwide. From core wallets and original code, NYC will now be able to be easily usable (both installing a wallet and send/receive coins). Coinomi in the past had published all of their bitcoinj libraries on github. Assuming once NYC was implemented on Coinomi, the bitcoinj library (created by an experienced Java developer) would now be available for NYC and BitTeller ATM's could be ordered. BitTeller needs the bitcoinj library to implement NYC on their ATM's. Sometime over the last few months, Coinomi decided to make their bitcoinj libraries private and not open-source (published and available on github for all to see/use). This missing bitcoinj is the only reason I am not personally placing NYC ATM's in stores across New York City this very second. I have HUGE DEMAND from every business owner contacted and local NYC supporters are getting same positive response. "NewYorkCoin" is not installing ATM's in New York City. Charlie is. And Batuhan will also be able to - if you so choose. And so will anybody else that pays $1,000-ish for the machine and negotiates placement. ANYONE. NYC is not an ICO with a whitepaper and roadmap. It is not a company. NYC is open-source code published on A "community" of worldwide enthusiasts are helping NYC along her journey to inevitable widescale adoption and usage. I run the website, so I get the pleasure of responding to all inquiries. Try sending Litecoin or better yet try sending Bitcoin these silly messages and see if one response is returned. NYC = LTC = BTC. Again, this is NOT an ICO with a "dream vision" of what someday will be created. NYC exists now. The network does exactly as advertised and you have literally discovered a MEGA-LOTTERY winning ticket before most others have. NYC is growing its dev team at spearheaded by an experienced crypto dev bshaw2019 (Brandon Shaw). Brandon and his team are working on an Electrum wallet for NYC (search 'Electrum-NYC' at subreddit) and have started creating the bitcoinj library for NYC. Coinomi wanted another 2 BTC to provide us this bitcoinj library and I felt those additional funds would be more wisely spent on getting NYC listed on more exchanges and opening The New York Coin Center in Manhattan as soon as possible. I have terms out to landlord for the space attached. No guarantees I'll get this one, although I really want it, but sometime this year I WILL SIGN A LEASE for The New York Coin Center. And it will most likely have an NYC ATM :) Considering it's mid-month, and I am relying on bitcoinj library, NYC ATM's will not likely be installed in January. If your followers want NYC ATM's sooner, have them create or hire someone to create an open-source newyorkcoinj library and publish it on github for community review. Other than that, there is NOTHING any of us can do until bitcoinj is created (for ATM roll-out). Once a lease is signed for The New York Coin Center, it will be published at and that will cause the hype and pump and scam alarms to be ringing off the hook (and you'll have the time of your life!). But in the meantime PLEASE DO NOT continue to email me about getting free coins or asking NYC to get listed on more exchanges or when the ATM's are coming. Once ANYONE knows the real answers to those questions, they will be published on (and likely all the social media outlets). I hope you can see after this exhaustive email, that you have not found a scam or a pump and dump but have stumbled upon, in my personal opinion, the most usable cryptocurrency in existence. A crypto that has the ability to replace a $500B/yr industry (worldwide remittance) and is currently valued by the market at $26M. And the fact that NYC can eliminate merchant fees for credit card terminals/acceptance at merchants worldwide. This is not a penny stock that has absolutely zero value and is all hype. NYC has all real value and it exists NOW. Market price is simply a market inefficiency at this point in time. This will not continue for much longer. It simply can't. You are able to benefit from this market inefficiency. Once the market catches up to NYC, it will be valued in the Billions. It's not hype, it's inevitable. Free worldwide money transfer + usable at retail level worldwide + very easy low cost mining = NYC can't be beat. Or ignored for much longer. Spread the word. Ignore the haters. Stay focused. And NYC will make you (and whoever else picks them up anywhere near this price) very very rich. That's not a roadmap. That's a guarantee!
Best regards, Charlie
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Let us not forget the original reason we needed the NYA agreement in the first place. Centralization in mining manufacturing has allowed for pools to grow too powerful, granting them the power to veto protocol changes, giving them bargaining powers where there should be none.

SegWit2x through the NYA agreement was a compromise with a group of Chinese mining pools who all march to the beat of the same drum. Antpool, ViaBTC, BTC.TOP,, CANOE, are all financially linked or linked through correlated behavior. Antpool, ConnectBTC and being directly controlled by bitmain, and ViaBTC and Bitmain have a "shared investor relationship". If bitmain is against position A, then all those other pools have historically followed its footsteps. As Jimmy Song explains here the NYA compromise was because only a small minority of individuals with a disproportionate amount of hashrate were against Segwit (Bitmain and subsidiaries listed above), where the rest of the majority of signatories of NYA were pro-segwit. The purpose of the compromise was to prevent a chain split, which would cause damage to the ecosystem and a loss of confidence in bitcoin generally.
At current time of calculation, according to hashrate charts, these pools account for 47.6% of the hashrate. What does it matter if these pools are running a shell game of different subsidiaries or CEO's if they all follow a single individual's orders? 47.6% is enough hashrate right now to preform a 51% attack on the network with mining luck factored in. This statistic alone should demonstrate the enormous threat that Bitmain has placed on the entire bitcoin ecosystem. It has compromised the decentralized model of mining through monopolizing ASIC manufacturing which has lead to a scenario in which bitcoins security model is threatened.
But let us explore the reasoning behind these individuals actions by taking a look at history. First, Bitmain has consistently supported consensus breaking alternative clients by supporting bitcoin classic, supporting Bitcoin Unlimited and its horrifically broken "emergent consensus" algorithm, responding to BIP148 with a UAHF declaration, and then once realizing that BIP148/BIP91 would be successful at activating Segwit without splitting the network Bitmain abandoned its attempt at a "UAHF", and admitted that bitcoin cash is based on the UAHF on their blog post. The very notion of attempting to compromise with an entity to prevent a split that is supporting a split is illogical by nature and a pointless exercise.
Let us not forget that Bitmain was so diametrically opposed to Segwit that it sabatoged Litecoins Segwit Activation period to prevent Segwit from activating on Litecoin. Do these actions sound like a rational actor who has the best interests of bitcoin at heart? Or does this sound like an authoritarian regime that wants to stifle information at any cost to prevent the public from seeing the benefits that SegWit provides?
But the real question must still be asked. Why? Why would Bitmain who is so focused on increasing the blocksize to reduce fee pressure delay a protocol upgrade that both increases blocksize and reduces fee pressure? If miners are financially incentivized to behave in a way in which is economically favorable to bitcoin, then why would they purposefully sabatoge protocol improvements that will increase the long term success survival of bitcoin?
There is plenty of evidence that suggests covert ASICBOOST, a mechanism in which a ASIC miner short cuts bitcoins proof of work process (grinding nonce, transaction ordering) and an innovation that Bitmain holds a patent for in China is the real reason Bitmain originally blocked SegWits activation. It was speculated by Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell that this covert asicboost technology could earn Bitmain 100 Million dollars a year.
It is notable that Hardfork proposals that Bitmain has supported, such as Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin ABC/Bcash and now SegWit2x all preserve Bitmains covert asicboost technology while Segwit the soft fork breaks asicboosts effectiveness.
But if that is not enough of a demonstration of rational economic incentives to behave in such a way, then what about irrational reasons such a idelogical positions or pride?
Its no secret that Chinese miners dislike for bitcoin core matured when the Hong Kong agreement was broken. Many miners have consistently rationlized "firing bitcoin core developers" and we even have a direct account from a bitpay employee that said Jihan directly told him that is his purpose is to "get rid of blockstream and core developers". And while the Hong Kong agreement being broken is quite the muddied waters, there is proof in the blockchain that chinese miners were the first to break the terms of the agreement by mining a block with a alternative client. Some bitcoin core developers continued to work on HardFork proposals despite this, offering up public proposals, BIPs and released code to attempt to satisfy the terms of the agreement. Yet only in hindsight did everyone realize that no individual or individuals can force the entire bitcoin network to upgrade. It is only through the slow methodical process of social consensus building that we can get such a large decentralized global network to agree to upgrade the protocol in a safe manner. Yet to this day we still have bitter idelogical wars over this HK agreement "being broken" despite how long ago, and how clear the situation is in hindsight.
When you take into account the historical record of these individuals and businesses actions it clearly demonstrates a pattern of behavior that undermines the long term health of bitcoin. When you analyze their behavior from a rational economic viewpoint, you can clearly see that they are sabatoging the long term health of bitcoin to preserve short term profits.
Considering this information, why would other bitcoin ecosystem businesses "compromise" with such a malicious actor? Let us not forget that these actors were the entire reason we needed to compromise in the first place went ahead and forked the bitcoin network already creating the first bitcoin-shared-history altcoin, Bitcoin ABC. So we compromised with people to prevent the spliting of bitcoin, so that they could go ahead and split bitcoin? What illogical insanity is this? Why would you "stick to your guns" on an agreement that was nullified the moment Bitmain and ViaBTC supported a hardfork outside of the S2X agreement? Doubly questionably is your support when the hardfork is highly contentious and guaranteed to cause a split, damage bitcoin, create chaos and damage global confidence.
A lot of the signatories of the NYA agreement are payment processors and gateway businesses. Their financial health depends upon short term growth of bitcoin to increase business activity and shore up investors capital with revenue from that transactional growth. Their priorities are to ensure short term growth and to appease their investors. But their actions demonstrate a type of cause and effect that often occurs in markets across the world. By redistributing network resource costs to node operators they are simply shuffling costs to the public so that they can benefit in the short term without needing to allocate extra capital.
But these actions do not benefit the health of bitcoin long term. Splitting the network, once again, does not increase confidence in the bitcoin network. It does not foster growth. Increasing the blocksize after segwit already increases the blocksize will not get us any closer to VISA transaction levels from a statistical viewpoint. Increasing the TPS from 3 to 7 when we need to get to 30,000 TPS is quite an illogical decision at face value. Increasing the blocksize on-chain to get to that level would destroy any pretense at decentralization long before we even came close, and without decentralization we have no cenosorship resistence, fungibility. These are fundamental to the value of bitcoin as a network and currency. Polymath and industry wide respected crypto expert Nick Szabo has written extensively on scaling bitcoin and why layer 2 networks are essential.
To all the Signatories of the SegWit2X I ask you - What are you trying to accomplish by splitting bitcoin once again? What consensus building have you done to ensure that bitcoin wont suffer a catastrophic contentious hard fork? As it stands right now I only see a portion of the economic actors in the bitcoin ecosystem supporting S2X. No where near enough to prevent miners from supporting the legacy chain when there will be a large portion of the economy still operating on the legacy chain preserving its value. Where there is money Its going to be extremely difficult to topple the status quo/legacy network and the cards are stacked against you. Without full consensus from the majority of developers, economic actors/nodes, exchanges, payment processors, gateways, will only fork yourself from the legacy network and reap destruction and chaos as the legacy chain and S2X battle it out.
If you truly support bitcoin and are dedicated to the long term success of bitcoin and your business, then why would you engage/compromise with demonstratably malicious actors within the bitcoin ecosystem to accomplish a goal that was designed by them to further monopolize/centralize their control, at the destruction of bitcoins security model?
Bitcoin core developers are actually positive on hardforks and want to eventually increase the legacy blocksize, they just wish to do it in a responsible manner that does not put the network at risk like SegWit2x does.
Also, it seems a rational engineering choice to optimize and compress transactions/protocols before increasing the blocksize. Things like SegWit, Schnorr, MAST are all great examples of things Bitcoin Core has done and is doing to increase on-chain scaling technology to the long term benefit of bitcoin.
The fate of bitcoin will be determined by users who choose when how and where they transact. If businesses attempt to force them on the S2X chain they will abandon those businesses to use a servicor that does not attempt through coercion to force them upon a specific forked network.
Finally, without replay protection there can be no clean split and no free market mechanism to determine the winner. I understand that this is purposefully designed this way, to force a war between the legacy chain and S2X, but if you stand for everything bitcoin stands for, then you as central actors will not try to force people onto your chain. Instead, you should allow the market to decide which chain is more valuable.
If you will not abandon this poisonous hardfork pill then please advocate/lobby to add default replay protection to the btc1 codebase. You cannot claim Free Market principals and then on the other side of your mouth collude with central actors to force protocol changes upon users. Either you believe in bitcoin, or you are here to join the miners in their poorly disguised behaviors to monopolize, subvert and sabatoge bitcoin.
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never too late to know about blockchain tech

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Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: transaction management and money issuance are carried out collectively by the network.
The original Bitcoin software by Satoshi Nakamoto was released under the MIT license. Most client software, derived or "from scratch", also use open source licensing.
Bitcoin is the first successful implementation of a distributed crypto-currency, described in part in 1998 by Wei Dai on the cypherpunks mailing list. Building upon the notion that money is any object, or any sort of record, accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context, Bitcoin is designed around the idea of using cryptography to control the creation and transfer of money, rather than relying on central authorities.
Bitcoins have all the desirable properties of a money-like good. They are portable, durable, divisible, recognizable, fungible, scarce and difficult to counterfeit.
Bitcoin is P2P electronic cash that is valuable over legacy systems because of the monetary autonomy it brings to its users. Bitcoin seeks to address the root problem with conventional currency: all the trust that's required to make it work -- Not that justified trust is a bad thing, but trust makes systems brittle, opaque, and costly to operate. Trust failures result in systemic collapses, trust curation creates inequality and monopoly lock-in, and naturally arising trust choke-points can be abused to deny access to due process. Through the use of cryptographic proof, decentralized networks and open source software Bitcoin minimizes and replaces these trust costs.
Bitcoin Transactions are:
Permissionless and borderless. The software can be installed by anybody worldwide.
Do not require any ID to use. Making it suitable for the unbanked, the privacy-conscious, computers or people in areas with underdeveloped financial infrastructure.
Are censorship-resistant. Nobody is able to block or freeze a transaction of any amount.
Irreversible once settled, like cash. (but consumer protection is still possible.)
Fast. Transactions are broadcasted in seconds and can become irreversible within an hour.
Online and available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
Bitcoin can also be a store of value, some have said it is a "swiss bank account in your pocket".
Stored Bitcoins:
Cannot be printed or debased. Only 21 million bitcoins will ever exist.
Have no storage costs. They take up no physical space regardless of amount.
Are easy to protect and hide. Can be stored encrypted on a hard disk or paper backup.
Are in your direct possession with no counterparty risk. If you keep the private key of a bitcoin secret and the transaction has enough confirmations, then nobody can take them from you no matter for what reason, no matter how good the excuse, no matter what.
If you still can’t figure out what the heck a bitcoin is, this simple explanation will help you! …
We’re sitting on a park bench. It’s a great day. I have one apple with me, I give it to you.
You now have one apple and I have zero. That was simple, right?
Let’s look closely at what happened:
My apple was physically put into your hand. You know it happened. I was there, you were there – you touched it.
We didn’t need a third person there to help us make the transfer. We didn’t need to pull in Uncle Tommy (who’s a famous judge) to sit with us on the bench and confirm that the apple went from me to you.
The apple’s yours! I can’t give you another apple because I don’t have any left. I can’t control it anymore. The apple left my possession completely. You have full control over that apple now. You can give it to your friend if you want, and then that friend can give it to his friend, and so on.
So that’s what an in-person exchange looks like. I guess it’s really the same, whether I’m giving you a banana, a book, a quarter, or a dollar bill …But I’m getting ahead of myself.

What if we gave this ledger to everybody? Instead of the ledger living on a Blizzard computer, it’ll live in everybody’s computers. All the transactions that have ever happened, from all time, in digital apples, will be recorded in it.You can’t cheat it. I can’t send you digital apples I don’t have, because then it wouldn’t sync up with everybody else in the system. It’d be a tough system to beat. Especially if it got really big.
Plus, it’s not controlled by one person, so I know there’s no one that can just decide to give himself more digital apples. The rules of the system were already defined at the beginning.
And the code and rules are open source – kinda like the software used in your mom’s Android phone. Or kinda like Wikipedia. It’s there for smart people to maintain, secure, improve, and check.
You could participate in this network too – updating the ledger and making sure it all checks out. For the trouble, you could get like 25 digital apples as a reward. In fact, that’s the only way to create more digital apples in the system.
I simplified quite a bit … But that system I explained exists. It’s called the Bitcoin protocol. And those digital apples are the bitcoins within the system. Fancy! So, did you see what happened?
What does the public ledger enable?
1) It’s open source, remember? The total number of apples was defined in the public ledger at the beginning. I know the exact amount that exists. Within the system, I know they are limited (scarce).
2) When I make an exchange I now know that digital apple certifiably left my possession and is now completely yours. I used to not be able to say that about digital things. It will be updated and verified by the public ledger.
3) Because it’s a public ledger, I didn’t need Uncle Tommy (third-party) to make sure I didn’t cheat, or make extra copies for myself, or send apples twice, or thrice…
Within the system, the exchange of a digital apple is now just like the exchange of a physical one. It’s now as good as seeing a physical apple leave my hand and drop into your pocket. Just like on the park bench, the exchange involved two people only. You and me , we didn’t need Uncle Tommy there to make it valid.
In other words, it behaves like a physical object.
But you know what’s cool? It’s still digital.
We can now deal with 1,000 apples, or 1 million apples, or even .0000001 apples. I can send it with a click of a button, and I can still drop it in your digital pocket if I was in Nicaragua and you were all the way in New York.
I can even make other digital things ride on top of these digital apples! It’s digital after all. Maybe I can attach some text on it – a digital note. Or maybe I can attach more important things; like say a contract, or a stock certificate, or an ID card …
So this is great! How should we treat or value these “digital apples”? They’re quite useful aren’t they?
Well, a lot of people are arguing over it now. There’s debate between this and that economic school, between politicians, between programmers. Don’t listen to all of them though. Some people are smart; some are misinformed. Some say the system is worth a lot; some say it’s actually worth zero. Some guy actually put a hard number on it: $1,300 per apple. Some say it’s digital gold; some say it’s a currency. Others say they’re just like tulips. Some people say it’ll change the world; some say it’s just a fad.
I have my own opinion about it, but that’s a story for another time.
Hey, you now know more about Bitcoin than most.
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Our groundbreaking platform uses an automated arbitrage system that yields profits for customers based on real-time movements in the cryptocurrency market. Our proprietary algorithm buys bitcoin when it is cheaper, and sells when it is more expensive. FX-TRADING customers benefit by assuming the profit, which is deposited directly into their online account.
fficial Launch on August 10th, 2018 in Busan – South Korea. Around 896.000 peoples already joined, and more than 183 countries opened.
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bot300$ bot500$
bot1000$ bot3000$ botbot5000$ bot10000$ bot20000$ bot30000$ bot40000$ bot50000$ The company will pay you up to 2.5% from what you invested They trade during the day and when comes midnight in South Korea, they pay whatever was that day’s profits Some days are 1.45% or 2.2% or 1.1% The company can’t guarantee how much it will pay, as Trading is not guaranteed The company pays Monday to Friday for 200 working days The only way to invest is using Bitcoin You can withdraw minimum of 50$ Monday to Friday, and it will be paid only in Bitcoin 24h later, not counting weekends, so if you withdraw on a Friday, you will get paid on Monday.
Great! being a networker means you can get more bonuses • Daily Payment • Binary • Residual • Career Plan 1 - The daily Payment is up to 2.5% per day Monday to Friday, until you reach 400% 2- Binary is 10% of what people invest but you first need to qualify for it, is very simple, just register one direct person to your left and one to your right! after these 2, the next person that you register or that comes from those who you already registered, you will get the binary bonus from them, we are always talking about the smaller side. 3- Residual, this bonus is linked to the career plan, you need to qualify per stars, each star means you get 2% of each level from your network. So if you are star 3 for example, means you will receive 2% from 3 level from your network, everyday when they receive their daily payment, you get 2% of what they make. 4- Career Plan, Dollars of investment to became ◊1 Dollar = 1 Point Star 1 you need 1.000 points Star 2 you need 4.000 points Star 3 you need 20.000 points Star 4 you need 50.000 points Star 5 you need 200.000 points Star 6 you need 500.000 points Star 7 you need 1.500.000 points Star 8 you need 3.000.000 points Star 9 you need 5.000.000 points Star 10 you need 10.000.000 points Black Star you need 50.000.000 points All this point needs to be on the smaller leg.
First let me tell you about being an Investor For you as an investor is very simple Choose one of the Packages available: 100$ 300$ 500% 1000$ 3000$ 5000$ 10000$ 20000$ 30000$ 40000$ 50000$ The company will pay you up to 2.5% from what you invested They trade during the day and when comes midnight in South Korea, they pay whatever was that day’s profits Some days are 1.45% or 2.2% or 1.1% The company can’t guarantee how much it will pay, as Trading is not guaranteed The company pays Monday to Friday for 200 working days The only way to invest is using Bitcoin You can withdraw minimum of 50$ Monday to Friday, and it will be paid only in Bitcoin 24h later, not counting weekends, so if you withdraw on a Friday, you will get paid on Monday.
Now as a networker you can get more bonuses • Daily Payment • Binary • Residual • Career Plan 1 - The daily Payment is up to 2.5% per day Monday to Friday, until you reach 400% 2- Binary is 10% of what people invest but you first need to qualify for it, is very simple, just register one direct person to your left and one to your right! after these 2, the next person that you register or that comes from those who you already registered, you will get the binary bonus from them, we are always talking about the smaller side. 3- Residual, this bonus is linked to the career plan, you need to qualify per stars, each star means you get 2% of each level from your network. So if you are star 3 for example, means you will receive 2% from 3 level from your network, everyday when they receive their daily payment, you get 2% of what they make. 4- Career Plan, Dollars of investment to became ◊1 Dollar = 1 Point Star 1 you need 1.000 points Star 2 you need 4.000 points Star 3 you need 20.000 points Star 4 you need 50.000 points Star 5 you need 200.000 points Star 6 you need 500.000 points Star 7 you need 1.500.000 points Star 8 you need 3.000.000 points Star 9 you need 5.000.000 points Star 10 you need 10.000.000 points Black Star you need 50.000.000 points All this point needs to be on the smaller leg.
The difference Between an investor and a networker is: Investor Will only receive the daily payment of up to 2.5% Networker Can get more bonuses such as: - Daily Payment of up to 2.5% - Indication of 6% - Binary of 10% - Residual Bonus - Career Bonus
.- After a payment request is created, you have 24 hours to wire funds to a designated wallet. Based on the fluctuation of Bitcoin prices, posted amount of Bitcoin may be larger or smaller. Price updates commence every 30 minutes. - The system only validates your request to transfer when you pay the designated amount or more. If less bitcoin were submitted, the transfer request would be voided automatically…
- The time until the activation varies depending on processing speed of network or blockchain. Some exchange and wallet may take more time to transfer funds. However, the process generally does not exceed 6 hours. Therefore, if your plan does not activate after 6 hours, please contact the support centre.
- Daily earnings are processed and posted at midnight, Monday through Friday, Korean Standard Time.
- It takes 24 hours until your investments are processed through our system. You will be listed as an FXTRADING dividend recipient after 24 hours.
- The same rules apply for plan upgrades with the purchase of a new plan. Your upgrades will be in force after 24 hours. Until that point, you will receive the earnings on the previous plan.
- You can withdraw your funds Monday through Friday.
What is the minimum amount that I can withdraw?
- The minimum withdrawal amount is currently $50. There is no limit on the maximum amount you can withdraw.
How long does it take to process my remittance request?
- Please allow 1 to 3 business days to process your withdrawal requests.
I received payment confirmation o- It may take up to 24 hours after confirmation for requests to be processed in blockchain and posted on your wallet.
Hash values I received by e-mail are not recognized by Blockchain.
- It generally takes 24 hours for blockchain to recognize hash values. You can review the progress by the link provided in the e-mail message until then.
What should I do to get a binary bonus?
- It generally takes 24 hours for blockchain to recognize hash values. You can review the progress by the link provided in the e-mail message until then.
I made one referral member, but I did not receive a credit.
- Please confirm if the new referral member is the first one on your left or right. First referral on each side only qualifies you for binary bonus program. They do not create credits and do not count as binary members. - Was your plan active when your referral members in lower tier activate their plans? Credits are provided only if your plan was active when lower tier members activate their plans. - Are your lower tier referral members’ accounts leadership accounts? Leadership accounts do not own earnings and do not get payments. Therefore, leadership members do not create binary credit.
Amounts of my credit received seems not correct.
- Created credits are 10% of the price of plans purchased. If a member in your network upgrades a plan, the member only creates credits on the difference between two plans, not on the entire amount of the plan the member bought. For instance, if a member upgrades to $500 plan from $300 plan, you would receive 10% of the difference between the two plans. The difference is $200 in this example so that you will get 20 credits in total.
I received bonus less than created credits.
- There is a rule for the binary program; no member shall receive binary bonus larger than the plan they are on. For instance, if you are using $100 plan, but have created 150 credits through the binary network, you will only receive $100 bonus, forfeiting the remaining $50. - You also need to be careful about 400% earning rule. You can never receive an amount four times more than the plan you are on. For example, if you are using $100 plan, have received $350 as earnings so far and you have 100 credits outstanding for a binary bonus, only $50 that matches your 400% ceiling will be paid to you as a binary bonus.
Referral Bonus I did not receive my referral bonus while my referral member was activatated
- To receive a referral bonus, your plan must be active when your referral’s plan comes activated. To ensure receipt of your bonus, please wait until your plan gets activated before providing referral codes. - Referral Bonus is subject to 400% earning rule. Bonus from referrals will be paid up until their earnings reach 400% of their plan price. Bonus ceases to be remitted when your referral member reaches the earning cap.
An incorrect amount of bonus was paid
The referral bonus is 6% of the plan price purchased. If your referral member upgrades their plan, it creates the bonus on the difference between the two plans, not the entire amount of the plan purchased. For example, if your referral member upgrades to $500 plan from $300 plan, you will receive a 6% bonus on the difference amount between the plans. In this case, you will receive a $12 bonus as the difference is $200. - You also need to be careful about 400% earning rule. You can never receive an amount four times more than the plan you are on. For example, if you are using $100 plan, have received $350 as earnings so far and you have 100 credits outstanding for a referral bonus, only $50 that matches your 400% ceiling will be paid to you as a referral bonus.
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Flash Coin - Fast because it is centralized

So here is what Ive learned about flash coin today:
Its a fork of bitcoin/litecoin that reduces the block timer to .5sec, and reduces the POW necessary to mine blocks basically meaning instant blocks.
This also means 0 security.
So how can a system like this work? Centralization. They control all the servers, and all mining to prevent bad actors from messing with the chain. This is how the speed is achieved.
Basically sending the coin to the same pool as most banking systems, but in poorer condition. Hashgraph and Radix have it beat in a number of areas. Its kind of like ripple, but ultimately not a real cryptocurrency (neither is ripple).
Its fast, but at the cost of removing the whole reason for the existence of crypto currencies. I would stay away.
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LTC dude here. I love you guys. Crypto blows my damn mind and I think we're all gonna make it. Chikuns and shibes together.

Hey shibes,
I got a long-winded posting about things I thunk.
I'm an LTC guy myself. You shibes blow my mind though. This is absolutely crazy what you dudes are pulling off.
The following gets a bit off the wall at times. Also very TL;DR.
SUMMARY: Cryptos are straight bonkers and it's like giving birth to gods, also, we're all in it together and we're all gonna make it
Cryptos blow my mind and this is the next step in their evolution, I think. This awesome thing called Dogecoin.
Stepping back for a second and looking at this from a bigger perspective I do think something like this was bound to happen.
We're at a funny point in our history and I believe we're gonna come to big realization about how to operate in financial terms and within life as well.
I started mining LTC after its initial jump to $4 back in April. I heard about bitcoin back in the day from certain tech image-boards, though never actively mined it or researched heavily into it. The threads we're usually neck-deep in naysayers and doubters back in those early days (those , my own doubt and the general makeup of the threads never being enough to really draw me in.
This persisted until the initial 'Big' spike of value in bitcoin last spring. When I saw how much money those earlier investors made and how shocked everyone involved was, it finally drew me in for good. The amount of energy and simple joy from those, now, 'rich SoBs' blew my mind.
Greed drew me in, technically, but the function and potential of this new way of 'interaction' is what is making me stay. But screw what I've done, cause that doesn't matter. Cryptos are way way better than my blog posts.
Honestly, it's still blowing my damn mind.
It's insane. How much wealth has been created out of, what seems to be, thin air? How many people's (honestly, I think it's mostly just younger dudes, averaging in their 20s and early 30s) lives have been improved through this MAGIC (cryptos living and working in the electric signal based technology we've created, absolutely bonkers).
It's touching and improving lives of thousands who've chosen to work with and help in its very creation, both physical creation in the beee-youtiful act of mining (so cool), and the very creation of the COMMUNITIES that work with it (stressed cause I'll be damned shibe {everyone has a GODDAMN AWESOME CODENAME OF FRATERNITY AND BROTHERHOOD} if I don't get absolutely drawn into this suh-weet/funny/mahverymotherisholdingmeasasweetnewbornbabe vibe of community when I'm here).
It's personally, helped me out, potentially, by quite a bit. I'm 21 and this was the first real big investment/experiment/risk/hobby/makingmesmarterinfieldsIdidn'tknowexistedtypeofactivity.
I've made in the region of $10000 worth of LTC since I started back in April.
This is the very first time I've had a windfall of this magnitude. I can build a new rig, pay for school, get a new bed, build my own bed, get hardwood flooring in my room, buy my first car, get a sweet ass aquarium with some angel fish, go to some yuropoor country, get a hotel and finally lose my virginity to multiple high-class escorts (jk already lost it, getrektnerd), create a battle station enshrined with effigies of my waifu while donning an oculus rift to be with her.
The possibilities make me salivate. (I lied, needed more about me in there, ego needs to be stroked, mmmhm yeah feels so good.)
I think many of the Doge naysayers (LTC is mainly guilty of this, being the original scrypt-coin), are just kinda knee-jerk reacting with hostility from fear. Not a direct fear of Dogecoin or shibes taking market share and 'stealing the thunder'. But rather a fear of their coin's own vulnerability.
Bitcoin is the only crypto I think, at this point in time, pending huge events, that's comfortably secure in it's position.
Both in its position as #1, but also its position as a living coin (Cryptos are a strange beast, you can look at mining as the 'heart beat' or 'life energy' of a cryptocurrency. Mining confirms and processes transactions and keeps the blood pumping through creation and movement. A coin with no hashing power behind it means transactions will not move, effectively stopping blood-flow and the coin dies {though it CAN theoretically be 'resurrected' from the dead, which is important}, but damn, look at the history, quite a few dead coins...)
Crypto ain't no stock. This isn't a measured holding of a physical company and is based on tangible physical performance and real world, observable events (but even then psychological and non-physical still holds sway over stocks, to an extent... tulips anyone?).
Crypto is almost all in the head. Crypto is 99% intellectual and conscious rather than physical. That remaining 1% I portioned off for the pixels you see on the screen every time you look at your wallet.
I believe, you believe, we believe that this magic pixel money will do something, and by gosh golly it does, which is what matters. If it didn't would we bother to give it life through mining? Hell no!
We expected it to help us, make our lives better, give back to us when we give it energy.
And it is totally rising to the occasion.
Which is how I think it all works.
The movie, 'They Live!' comes to mind when I think about it.
This moment in particular:
I'm no physicist, or any type of scientist, or a deeply religious individual. But to say we accurately understand the fundamental function of the universe and reality beyond some immediate preliminary reactions is a tad fool hardy, in my opinion, and I personally don't endorse any of that brashness.
What I do believe, however, is that crypto-currency is a venture into subconscious energy manipulation for the betterment of our lives. It's a conscious tool, a magic ethereal energy (so pretentious, I know), a rudimentary deit