Pattaya Beer Garden

Bitcoin Accepted At Pattaya Beer Garden

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They've got their priorities set correctly

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Bitcoin Adoption in Thailand Led by Tourism Industry, but Held Back by Scaling Debate

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In 2013, the Thai central bank declared the use of bitcoin illegal in Thailand, but changed its opinion in early 2014 to make it not illegal.
Buying bitcoin in Thailand and then selling it outside the country was still strictly prohibited, Noid explained.
"On any day you could easily find visitors from 25 different countries at the Pattaya Beer Garden." This makes the establishment one of the few places where one can watch global Bitcoin adoption trends in the wild on a daily basis.
In his view, the current impasse in the scaling debate is the culprit that is "Doing immense harm" to Bitcoin adoption.
Noid fully understands that Bitcoin "Cannot scale on chain to Visa/Mastercard levels," and contemplated "Second layer solutions may well be the answer or any other of the myriad proposals." However, he made his stance clear that Bitcoin needs a quick fix in the meantime.
Right here at the coal face of Bitcoin acceptance I can feel the momentum Bitcoin once had slipping away.
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Pattaya Beer Garden 2019 Crypto Lifestyle EP.1 จ่ายเงินด้วยบิทคอยน์ at Pattaya Beer Garden Good Everything (Beer Bar Complex) Important Beergarden Information The girls at The Pattaya Beer Garden - YouTube

This Sunday between 3-5pm Pattaya Pete, owner of the Pattaya Beer Garden, will be giving away 100 baht worth of Bitcoin at This bar, to anyone who asks.He’ll be sitting at the first inside table with a “Free Bitcoin Here” sign. You can immediately spend the bitcoin at the bar or keep them as you wish. Bitcoin diterima di Pattaya Beer Garden. Hal tersebut telah mempengaruhi beberapa bisnis lebih dari yang lain, tetapi hanya sedikit bisnis dunia nyata yang memiliki metode pembayaran menggunakan Bitcoin seperti di Thailand, Pattaya Beer Garden. Restoran dan bar besar & popular di Thailand yang dimiliki oleh Peter Noid. OPEN everyday from 10am to 2am. We open early for breakfast and stay open all day and most of the night. We have a good selection of Thai and Western food at reasonable prices and the kitchen is open the same hours as the bar. A Great Meeting Place There are no "bar girls", "bar fines" or "lady drinks" at the Pattaya Beer Garden. Independent ladies are welcome to meet foreigners in a non Pattaya People ran a story and review. You can read it here. Watch the PBG video "Having a good time", here. Reservations. Please Note: We do not take reservations. We can usually seat all diners immediately. Occasionally you may be asked to wait at the bar for a table. If so it is unusual for the wait to be more than 10 minutes. Bitcoin. A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin.

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Pattaya Beer Garden 2019

バンコクの出会い場ビアガーデン(スクンビットソイ7)Beer Garden Sukhumvit soi7,Bangkok - Duration: 3:06. Thai Asia Playing Diary~タイアジアお遊び日記~ 9,532 views At the world-famous Pattaya Beer Garden: Credit cards--NO! Bitcoin--YES! Some of the girls hanging out at The Pattaya Beer Garden last Friday night. Sawadekap, Bitcoin Ambassador is having great time in Thailand with Bitcoin payments restaurant and spa, and not to forget the nightlife in Pattaya, Thailand Location : Bangkok - Waternest Spa ร้าน Pattaya Beer Garden เปิดทุกวัน 10 โมงเช้าถึงตี 2 นะครับ พอไปถึงก็จะอยู่ทางขวา ...

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